The Nighttime Wardrobe: Bedside Heroes


This post can practically double as a “Youtube made me buy this”… but anyway, everyone has those essentials they need to slap on before bed to maximize moisturizing time. These are the three things that are quite simple and two of the three I’ve had variations of around for years, but the specific products I’m using now are things I’d never heard of but learned about from my various Youtube watchings. It’s incredible how when one person says a product is good, you suddenly -need- it in your life. Immediately.

Onto the products.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm (link to – but I bought it at Shoppers for approximately $20 CAD)
Lip balm is the most important item of the three – I’ve always used some kind of lip balm before bed, Vaseline as a small child. But last year my lips went through a dry patch and I’d heard my favourite Youtuber, Essiebutton, sing the praises of this one, so I decided to give it a go. The Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm is divine. It smells good and does its job, despite being a kind of gritty, thick texture. I’ve had this pot for almost a year and a half, and I probably haven’t used even 1/3 of it yet. This is something I do only use before bed, however.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
Next, the other essential thing is some kind of lotion or hand cream. I can’t even tell you how many tubs of Body Shop body butter have served this purpose. I’d heard that Ultra Repair Cream could work wonders on chapped skin, and as I have extremely dry, peely skin around my fingers. I haven’t found that this has been any better than any other of the other forms of lotion I’ve tried, but it’s gently scented and a nice texture. I am unlikely to repurchase, but am liking it while it lasts.

Lush Tea Tree Water
A relatively recent addition to my bedside collection, I’d heard Elle Fowler of Allthatglitters21 talk about this as an anti-bacterial pillow spray. While I try to change my pillowcase relatively frequently due to my acne-prone skin, sometimes I will use this spray for when I can’t be bothered to physically change my pillowcase. I’ve been liking it so far, but I probably won’t repurchase as I can simply mix tea tree oil and water next time instead of spending over $20.

What are your bedtime essentials?


The Haircare Wardrobe, Part III: Tools


For the final installment of my little haircare trio, I thought I’d discuss the hair tools I currently use and how they’ve been working for me so far.

I haven’t included any type of hair detangling tool because I honestly hardly comb or brush out my hair. I do own a brush that I never use, and a comb I’ve had for probably over a decade. My hair isn’t naturally very tangly, so I can make do with finger combing and the like.

Texture-wise, my hair is straight-ish, with varying amounts of wave/curl depending on the day, how I’ve slept, and how wet my hair was when I slept. It tends to take the form of whatever I’ve done to it, so putting it into a bun all day with leave me with huge amounts of curls with no heat required. But when I’m looking for a more presentable way to do my hair I rely the most on my Chi straightener. I don’t even know how much this cost me or what model it is because I bought it off of eBay about five years ago, and it has been my go-to tool ever since. It’s very simple, has an on/off switch, and I use it to both straighten and curl my hair.

Next up is my Zazen hair straightener that I picked up at Trade Secrets once – the reason I have a second straightener is for travelling to foreign places. While I love my Chi, it doesn’t work so well with other types of voltages, even with a transformer, so I decided to invest in the Zazen, which has different heat settings AND works in both Europe and Asia.

My newest purchase is this Eva NYC curling wand. I’ve wanted a curling wand for ages, but couldn’t be bothered to spend loads of money on one, especially since my Chi will do the trick most of the time. But one time at Winners, I spotted this curling wand on sale for about $30 and grabbed it. It comes with a heat protectant glove, and I’ve only used it a couple times, but I do like the effect it gives.

In terms of blow drying, I tend to stay away from that altogether, as I’m trying to use as little heat as possible on my hair, after straightening or curling it everyday. But on the odd occasion, and in the winter, I like to speed up the drying process (which takes 3-4 hours) by using this Avanti Ionic Hair Dryer. Again, I don’t know exactly which model or how much it cost as it was a gift from last Christmas. I do love this for the times I do choose to blow dry my hair, and hope it’ll last for a good long time.

And there we have it, every single item I use on my hair – a bit much, too little, or just the right amount?

The Haircare Wardrobe, Part II: Treatments


I don’t use a ton of styling products in my routine – I do own a can of hairspray I’ve had for about.. 8 years, and some gel for if I really want to slick back all those baby hairs (handy for exercising days, which are … increasingly rare), but these are the ones I use on the day-to-day.

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque
I’ll be brief. You know the hype, you probably have a tub in your bathroom, it works, it smells amazing, it’s wonderful. The one gripe I have with it is the price – $55 in Canada for the bigger tub, when I’m pretty sure it’s $30-something in the US. I use this once weekly since it’s so expensive, and will definitely repurchase. Maybe next time I’m in the States.

Alterna Kendi Oil
The best hair oil I’ve ever tried. This is my second or third bottle of the stuff and it’s wonderful for my dry, damaged hair. I run a quarter-sized amount through my wet hair post-shower and the next morning my hair is all the more soft and manageable.

2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner and Styling Elixir
A natural option I’ve been trying out. Sometimes when my hair needs more moisture, or I am trying to conserve my Kendi oil, I look to either layer or replace the hair treatments I am using. This one is a light green gel/lotiony texture. 3-4 pumps and I’m good to go. Really liking it so far, after taking some time to get used to it. The only link I could find was for Amazon, but I bought mine at a health store; I’ve also seen it at Superstore.

Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector
Another natural option I’ve decided to try out. Almost out of this stuff–it smells absolutely wonderful, and the coconut scent lingers all day in your hair, practically doubling as a hair perfume. On the heat protecting front, however, I don’t think it’s as good as the Tresemme ones that I have tried before.

Haircare Wishlist: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in plus Keratin. Has anyone tried this and loved it?

The Haircare Wardrobe, Part I: What’s In My Shower?

So far I’ve posted only about my skincare routine. What about hair? You know the dead bits of keratin that hang around your face and make you look pretty? I have a fair amount of haircare products – but I rotate them all instead of piling on a ton of product in one go.
Also, I’m not one to normally splash out or spend loads of money on anything for my hair, although in recent months I’ve been trying to look more into natural options including sulfate-free shampoos, which tend to be more expensive than your standard $3 Herbal Essences (which, by the way, I do love occasionally… Mmmm).
I should also note I rarely ever re-purchase hair and shower products, just because there are so many out on the market and I love trying new things, especially if they are relatively inexpensive.

A quick rundown of my hair situation: it’s long-ish, straight-ish, very thick and I have a lot of it. I do wash it everyday because I have insanely greasy scalp, and having to look presentable everyday for 8 hours means that I can’t leave the house with slicked-back, smelly, unwashed hair.
Yes, I’ve tried dry shampoo. I hate it. I can’t get into it and save it for cases of extreme emergency.

Anyway, ramble done. Behold, my shower caddy:


I’ll try to be brief about the top row of products, since they have nothing to do with my hair:
Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Creamy Body Wash
I don’t even think they make this anymore. A quick visit to the B&BW website shows the design of the bottles have changed, and this product didn’t even make the cut to the revamped line. Either way, this is something I got in a buy 3 get 3 free Sweet Pea rampage I went on about a year ago – I’ve finished most of the products in the line and hate all of them except for the hand soap. Will continue to use up, but will not repurchase. The regular shower gel version made my skin extremely rough and dry. Ugh – that’s all I have to say. To me, B&BW is pretty much only good for their candles and handsoap. So much for ‘bath’ and ‘body’.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleaner with Red Clay
More FAB stuff I decided to try – I’ve been using this for a few months and enjoying it. It does have a very interesting smell and comes out red and gooey, exactly what one wants to rub all over their face..! Jokes aside, it does seem to be working well so far. I find that it does not leave the skin stripped the way a lot of targeted acne cleansers do, so this is a potential repurchase.

Michael Todd True Organics Charcoal Detox Cleanser
This is actually part of a set I got from Michael Todd ages and ages ago. Having normally quite un-sensitive skin (what is the opposite of sensitive?), I was surprised to observe that such a deep cleansing facial wash left my face so scaly and sandpapery over time. So unfortunately, this is a no-go for me. However, I do keep it around to use as a very expensive body wash some days of the week.

Clarisonic Mia
Yes, I bought into the hype, yes, I have a lavender Clarisonic Mia. It’s lovely. I use it almost everyday with my First Aid Beauty cleanser and it is wonderful. Period.

So much for brief… The second row:


Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner
Something I decided to get after not getting on with dry shampoo. This type of product is quite difficult to get a hold of in Canadian drugstores, for some reason. I have scoured the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall more times than I care to mention, but alas, this was purchased on, my new trusty and go-to favourite website. About the product – I use 4 pumps of this throughout my scalp and massage it in. It’s weird at first but actually works quite well. I can’t use it two days in a row, or else the grease starts to creep up, but it’s great when I don’t feel like using two products, or I’m pressed for time, or if my hair isn’t actually that dirty or greasy, but I know I can’t prolong the wash.

The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo
This is not an everyday shampoo for me, but I do love this shampoo for those days when your scalp just feels dry and itchy. I don’t really have dandruff issues, but once in a while it’s nice to use something that has a bit of a zing. This is one I will 100% repurchase.

Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo
I love the Organix shampoos, and have been on a kick of trying all of them, ever since I went on a hunt for sulfate-free products. This is my fourth kind and not my favourite, but I do like it. I can’t speak to its anti-breakage properties, but it’s rich and smells good and generally leaves my hair feeling clean without the squeaky feeling.

Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Conditioner
Another nice-smelling product.. not much to say!

L’Oreal Total Repair Replenishing Mask
A more intense version of a conditioner, I leave this in my hair for a couple minutes and when I wash it out, it makes my hair feel soft.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream in Unscented
This is a jumbo sample of shaving cream which is amazing. You only need the smallest amount of this stuff and if you spend the time, it lathers up incredibly. All the men in my family are now on this and a full-sized tub of it literally lasts for years.