The Haircare Wardrobe, Part III: Tools


For the final installment of my little haircare trio, I thought I’d discuss the hair tools I currently use and how they’ve been working for me so far.

I haven’t included any type of hair detangling tool because I honestly hardly comb or brush out my hair. I do own a brush that I never use, and a comb I’ve had for probably over a decade. My hair isn’t naturally very tangly, so I can make do with finger combing and the like.

Texture-wise, my hair is straight-ish, with varying amounts of wave/curl depending on the day, how I’ve slept, and how wet my hair was when I slept. It tends to take the form of whatever I’ve done to it, so putting it into a bun all day with leave me with huge amounts of curls with no heat required. But when I’m looking for a more presentable way to do my hair I rely the most on my Chi straightener. I don’t even know how much this cost me or what model it is because I bought it off of eBay about five years ago, and it has been my go-to tool ever since. It’s very simple, has an on/off switch, and I use it to both straighten and curl my hair.

Next up is my Zazen hair straightener that I picked up at Trade Secrets once – the reason I have a second straightener is for travelling to foreign places. While I love my Chi, it doesn’t work so well with other types of voltages, even with a transformer, so I decided to invest in the Zazen, which has different heat settings AND works in both Europe and Asia.

My newest purchase is this Eva NYC curling wand. I’ve wanted a curling wand for ages, but couldn’t be bothered to spend loads of money on one, especially since my Chi will do the trick most of the time. But one time at Winners, I spotted this curling wand on sale for about $30 and grabbed it. It comes with a heat protectant glove, and I’ve only used it a couple times, but I do like the effect it gives.

In terms of blow drying, I tend to stay away from that altogether, as I’m trying to use as little heat as possible on my hair, after straightening or curling it everyday. But on the odd occasion, and in the winter, I like to speed up the drying process (which takes 3-4 hours) by using this Avanti Ionic Hair Dryer. Again, I don’t know exactly which model or how much it cost as it was a gift from last Christmas. I do love this for the times I do choose to blow dry my hair, and hope it’ll last for a good long time.

And there we have it, every single item I use on my hair – a bit much, too little, or just the right amount?

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