The Makeup Wardrobe: Battle of the Waterproof Drugstore Mascaras

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I am an oily-skinned, oily-lidded gal. This has been my lot ever since puberty, and discovering makeup years ago has only further pushed the quest to find products that can somehow overcome that grease slick that is known as my face. When it comes to mascara, I pretty much refuse to buy anything high-end (I try to reserve pricier items for things that will actually cover large swaths of my face), plus the drugstore does sell quite a few decent mascaras with tons of variety for all your lash needs.

My main problems are 1) holding a curl and 2) smudging. I have naturally stick straight lashes that point downward, but ever since I discovered lash curlers and waterproof mascara, I’ve found that I can almost achieve fluttery-type lashes. The only thing is that halfway through the day I’ll look in the mirror and discover that half the mascara I applied in the morning is now on my upper cheeks and helping my dark circles look even darker.

Despite having “waterproof” on the label, I have still struggled to find an actual non-smudging formula with mascaras. Having never ever repurchased a single one, it seems I’m still searching, but I do have a feeling I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Waterproof
A curved and fairly bristly wand makes application really great on this mascara, but unfortunately, SMUDGE SMUDGE SMUDGE all over the place. I will try to use this up, but definitely won’t be repurchasing. I’ve had limited success with Maybelline mascaras in general.

L’Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Waterpoof Mascara
Loved the idea behind this one, but to be honest it leaves my already sparse lashes looking fairly spidery, which is not what I’m ever going for. I will generally sacrifice length in order to achieve more volume, and this does not do that for me. It also smudges a bit, so another disappointment in the first L’Oreal mascara I’ve tried.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Waterproof
I had the highest hopes with this one because I’d tried the Lash Potion Waterproof and loved it (i.e., it didn’t smudge), but this one didn’t perform quite as well. It still performed better than the previous two I’ve mentioned, because it manages to get the thickened and non-spidery volume I’m looking for. I will probably go back to the Lash Potion after this and hopefully it’s still as good as I remembered.

A glaring omission from this roster of drugstore mascaras is anything by CoverGirl. CoverGirl mascaras are the very first drugstore ones I’d ever tried, 4-5 years ago, and while I’ve tried both the Lashblast and Clump Crusher varieties, they smudge on me! Very, very depressing as I did like the effect they had on holding a curl and volumizing.

Do you have a good, affordable, waterproof mascara suggestion?


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