The Face Wardrobe: The Summer Oil Control Combo

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As I sit here typing up this blog post, it is currently 12 degrees Celcius and pouring rain – as it has for the past few hours. So why am I writing about summer?

For us, summer weather has only recently ended, but in the last couple days, fall has truly set in. So why not take the time to talk about my new face product combination discovery from this summer that has changed my life?

I’ve probably made it abundantly clear in past entries, but just in case it wasn’t, I am blessed with enough oil on my face to fry several eggs throughout the day, so it’s been a constant struggle to find both skincare and makeup that won’t slide around my face or be too shiny. Having to last 8 hours a day (or more!) is a tall order for any product, and while I haven’t been able to find a perfect solution so far, I have found a good combination of products that have helped keep my oil at bay for longer.

For reference, using a standard moisturizer and liquid foundation applied at approximately 7:30 am, I would have to blot at about 10 am, and again after lunch, which is not very good.

Using this combination of products, I am able to not blot until 12 pm and it isn’t quite as bad. I should say that my forehead and cheeks are somewhat normal (less oily and not really requiring blotting), and it’s my nose and chin that seem to have CLUSTERS of oil glands.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron
A serum I never thought I would be into, but what drew me in was the clear, almost sticky texture. That sounds really unappetizing, but it dries quite quickly and makes your moisturizer almost stick better?

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
You’ll note I only have a sample of this, and I actually got a second one with a 500-point perk as a backup, because I can’t bring myself to spend $60 on a primer. I will say though, that it works really well at controlling shine, and I don’t know what I’m going to do once both samples run out!

Benefit Better than BB Big Easy Foundation, in shade 05 Beige
I discovered this product halfway through summer through a sample I received at a Sephora purchase and ended up loving it. While shade 05 is too dark for me, even at my tannest, and shade 04 is far too pale and pink-toned, the makeup adjusts to your skin tone as you blend it in. It’s also great for the daytime because it has SPF 35. I am definitely going to be sticking to the Big Easy during the warmer months.

Have you discovered any products that really help control shine?


4 thoughts on “The Face Wardrobe: The Summer Oil Control Combo

    • I can only imagine! At least in California the heat is dry, unlike where I live where it’s really humid in the summer, so the blotting papers are usually in full force regardless of what I put on my face. I’m still looking for the perfect products but somehow I don’t anything can help 100%.


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