The Face Wardrobe: Concealer Obsession


I’ve mentioned before that I get quite regular breakouts and bad hyperpigmentation. I also had the privilege of being born with deep, dark caves underneath my eyes, so concealer has been one of those products that I have used since I first discovered the wonders of makeup.

I do also find that concealer is one of the most difficult products to buy because colour matching is a huge issue. Unlike with foundation, where if the shade is slightly off and you can kind of buff it in and blend it down the neck to kind of get rid of any obvious difference in colour, with concealer, it’s extremely obvious if the shade is off since it’s only in certain places.

Over the years, I have collected quite a few and had varying success with them.

1) MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium
The first time I ever got properly colour-matched for a concealer was at a MAC store. A friend recommended the Studio Finish SPF 35 so I went in looking for that – this was about 5 years ago. The staff member there matched me to shade NC 30, and I merrily used this concealer for years. Anyone who has ever owned a pot of the Studio Finish concealer knows it lasts literally forever. The issue is one that all of us have to deal with, which is changing levels of tan-ness in the summer/winter, and an additional issue I have is that my cheeks are lighter than the centre of my face. Being a makeup ignorant, I used this forEVER, and decided to buy the palette when my single pot began to run out. It was good for mixing and changing the shades depending on how dark/light and what tone I needed.

I’ve since realized that the lighting in my bathroom is awful and too yellow, and while I do have some yellow undertones to my skin, the MAC warm-toned products are FAR too yellow for me and don’t blend in with my skin at all.

2) NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, Ginger
I stopped using the MAC palette with the release of these two babies, which have made the rounds in the online beauty community. The hype is real, people! It is creamy, moisturizing, very pigmented, and everything you could ever want in a concealer. I did buy these with the aim of having them as doubling as an undereye and blemish concealer, but I do find that they are a little too thick for under the eyes. They are my everyday blemish/hyperpigmentation concealers, and on days I don’t want to use foundation, I use Custard on my cheeks and Ginger on the middle of my face, blend them in, and it looks perfectly natural and concealed. Absolutely love these, despite the high price tag!

3) Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Sand (20)
Something else I bought due to YouTube/beauty bloggers, this is a great, affordable option that seems like it was supposed to mirror the NARS (packaging and such), but it’s a much thinner consistency, which makes it perfect for under my eyes. Really happy I tried this one, and will definitely repurchase.

4) Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Neutraliser
Another Youtube/beauty blogger recommendation I got sucked into for undereyes. I stopped using this one in the summer when I got more tan, but will probably be reverting back to it soon. It’s great, affordable, and a lovely consistency. I think I prefer the Fit Me, between the two Maybellines, but this one is a good one too.

5) Make Up Forever Full Cover Waterproof Concealer in Sand (7)
I bought this one to compare to the NARS, and I like both, though I prefer the NARS, I find the shade of this one is great for all over my face with some blending. What I’ve discovered is that some brands have a better balance of undertones in their shades, such as NARS and MUFE. It’s not as high coverage as the NARS, but works really well and isn’t too heavy. As a consequence, I carry this one around with me in my purse.

I love concealers and would love to try some more. What recommendations do you have?


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