The Eye Wardrobe: My First High-End Mascara


Seeing as how my last post about mascara featured three drugstore mascaras, it’s both excessive and possibly shocking that I have already purchased another… and it’s a high-end one no less!

Rewind to a few weeks ago, I took a trip to the Caribbean and knowing that I probably wouldn’t be wearing much makeup much of the time, I decided to bring along a random sample-sized mascara that I had lying around the house (I have several). I was initially skeptical because it wasn’t waterproof, and with the humid, 30+ degree weather, that it would slide off my face in about 0.2 seconds. However, to my great surprise and delight, it held up wonderfully – it holds a curl and doesn’t smudge.

What is this miracle product, you ask? It’s the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Definition Mascara, which retails for a whopping $31 CAD. But yet again, this is another splurge from the recent VIB sale, so I managed to get it for a little bit cheaper. After a lifetime of using only drugstore mascaras, and not being someone who is particularly lash-obsessed, this is a new high (.. or low) for me. However, price aside, the formula is very interesting – it’s almost like latex in the way it dries, so it isn’t too crunchy or hard. And when I remove it at the end of the night it comes off in eyelash-sized pieces instead of melting away, which is probably why it doesn’t melt in the heat or with my oily skin.

Has anyone tried this mascara or anything similar? What would you recommend for high-end mascara?


The Body Wardrobe: The Most Luxurious Lotion Ever?


The recent VIB sale at Sephora proved to be extremely fruitful, in multiple ways. First of all, and most importantly, 20% off everything! Taking advantage of this, I made an order of the Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme. This normally retails for a jaw-dropping $72 CAD (!!!), but with the discount worked out to around $58. Still ridonculous, for what boils down to being just a body lotion, but as I have been eying this one up for months now, ever since a friend of mine suggested the line, I decided to splurge on this beauty.

The reason why I am so late on posting about this (VIB sale ended on November 10-ish), is because they were delayed in shipping my package due to high volume. So to make up for that, Sephora kindly added 500 points to my account.. booyeah!!

Back to the product – it is packaged in a lovely glass jar, coming with 12 oz of product, still hardly enough to justify the insane price tag, but I am treating this one like a perfume, because the rich, candy scent lasts all day. I have had it for a couple days now, and just applying some in the usual areas where you would apply a fragrance is enough to leave you smelling delicious for hours. The texture is whipped and thick, so I can imagine that using this all over your body would be incredible, but until I win the lottery, this one is going to be saved for uses in small quantities, or really special occasions.

I would love to try the Almond Coconut one next. Have any of you used the Laura Mercier bath and body line?

The Eye Wardrobe: Holiday Sets

Ahh, holiday sets are out everywhere – and while I’ve traditionally been too scared to splurge on them, I’ve been tempted more than a few times in the past month or so, and caved. The two I fell for are unsurprisingly eye makeup-related. I am obsessed with eyeliners, eyeshadows, and all things to enhance the eyes, despite being a complete n00b at eyeshadow application.

The first is the Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Quartet, $46 CAD. The regular sized sticks are 0.05 oz of product for $34 each, while these minis are 0.03 oz and totally worth it, especially since I have never used any of Laura Mercier’s eye makeup before. I’ve only worn Moonlight on my eyes so far, and love it. They are creamy, dreamy to apply, and stay on all day. I will be giving the others a test run soon. Retailers other than Sephora are carrying a 6-piece set of these, so if you live in the US, you have lots of options, whereas in Canada, I’ve only seen them at Holt Renfrew, so if you want you some Caviar Stick love, go and grab them! The four-set piece comes with shades Cocoa, Moonlight, Rosegold and Amethyst. The six-piece set includes the same four plus Khaki and Sugar Frost.

The other offer that was too good to refuse was the Smashbox On the Rocks Always Sharp Liner Set, $46 CAD. The set comes with five full-sized eyeliners with built-in sharpeners in shades Raven, 3D Night Gem, Sumatra, Midnight and 3D Orchid. The 3D colours have shimmer in them, which is great for holidays and parties. The other thing is that one eyeliner at regular price is $23, and for twice that price you get 5 times the product, which works out to $9.20 per eyeliner..amazing! I will keep you posted on how these wear. The only thing I am worried about is the built-in sharpening mechanism in the lid. If they are constantly sharp, that means each time you twist the cap closed, it is shaving off part of the product, I’m certain, at least. That results in a huge waste of product, but at least this set is economical!

Swatches | Smashbox Always Sharp Liners (L-R): Raven, 3D Night Gem, Sumatra, Midnight, 3D Orchid | Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks (L-R): Cocoa, Moonlight, Rosegold, Amethyst

What holiday sets will you be buying or have already bought this year?

The Face Wardrobe: Aesop Lands in Canada!


This is going to be a very short post, but as you can tell from the title, the brand Aesop has finally arrived in Canada!!! I have been lusting after their products ever since I heard my favourite beauty blogger/YouTuber EssieButton, along with a host of other UK bloggers, rave about how great the brand was, in particular, the Parsley Seed Mask.

I was walking by my local Holt Renfrew during lunch today, and I spotted an Aesop stand by accident and immediately had to run in and grab the mask to try for myself. The lady was very friendly and mentioned that it had arrived about three weeks ago – and they have tons of their products, including skincare, haircare, hand wash, body, etc. When I said I was interested in trying the Parsley Seed Mask she pulled out an entire kit of their Parsley Seed line, which consists of FULL-SIZES of the cleansing oil, toner, eye treatment, mask and serum, which only costs $150!!! Considering the mask by itself set me back $45 alone, I’d say that anyone who is seriously into these products should run to Holt and get a kit as soon as possible. At the moment, I am brimming with skincare products so I declined, but she kindly gave me a few samples to try out. Need I say that I’m super excited?!