The Face Wardrobe: Aesop Lands in Canada!


This is going to be a very short post, but as you can tell from the title, the brand Aesop has finally arrived in Canada!!! I have been lusting after their products ever since I heard my favourite beauty blogger/YouTuber EssieButton, along with a host of other UK bloggers, rave about how great the brand was, in particular, the Parsley Seed Mask.

I was walking by my local Holt Renfrew during lunch today, and I spotted an Aesop stand by accident and immediately had to run in and grab the mask to try for myself. The lady was very friendly and mentioned that it had arrived about three weeks ago – and they have tons of their products, including skincare, haircare, hand wash, body, etc. When I said I was interested in trying the Parsley Seed Mask she pulled out an entire kit of their Parsley Seed line, which consists of FULL-SIZES of the cleansing oil, toner, eye treatment, mask and serum, which only costs $150!!! Considering the mask by itself set me back $45 alone, I’d say that anyone who is seriously into these products should run to Holt and get a kit as soon as possible. At the moment, I am brimming with skincare products so I declined, but she kindly gave me a few samples to try out. Need I say that I’m super excited?!


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