The Eye Wardrobe: Holiday Sets

Ahh, holiday sets are out everywhere – and while I’ve traditionally been too scared to splurge on them, I’ve been tempted more than a few times in the past month or so, and caved. The two I fell for are unsurprisingly eye makeup-related. I am obsessed with eyeliners, eyeshadows, and all things to enhance the eyes, despite being a complete n00b at eyeshadow application.

The first is the Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Quartet, $46 CAD. The regular sized sticks are 0.05 oz of product for $34 each, while these minis are 0.03 oz and totally worth it, especially since I have never used any of Laura Mercier’s eye makeup before. I’ve only worn Moonlight on my eyes so far, and love it. They are creamy, dreamy to apply, and stay on all day. I will be giving the others a test run soon. Retailers other than Sephora are carrying a 6-piece set of these, so if you live in the US, you have lots of options, whereas in Canada, I’ve only seen them at Holt Renfrew, so if you want you some Caviar Stick love, go and grab them! The four-set piece comes with shades Cocoa, Moonlight, Rosegold and Amethyst. The six-piece set includes the same four plus Khaki and Sugar Frost.

The other offer that was too good to refuse was the Smashbox On the Rocks Always Sharp Liner Set, $46 CAD. The set comes with five full-sized eyeliners with built-in sharpeners in shades Raven, 3D Night Gem, Sumatra, Midnight and 3D Orchid. The 3D colours have shimmer in them, which is great for holidays and parties. The other thing is that one eyeliner at regular price is $23, and for twice that price you get 5 times the product, which works out to $9.20 per eyeliner..amazing! I will keep you posted on how these wear. The only thing I am worried about is the built-in sharpening mechanism in the lid. If they are constantly sharp, that means each time you twist the cap closed, it is shaving off part of the product, I’m certain, at least. That results in a huge waste of product, but at least this set is economical!

Swatches | Smashbox Always Sharp Liners (L-R): Raven, 3D Night Gem, Sumatra, Midnight, 3D Orchid | Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks (L-R): Cocoa, Moonlight, Rosegold, Amethyst

What holiday sets will you be buying or have already bought this year?


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