The Body Wardrobe: The Most Luxurious Lotion Ever?


The recent VIB sale at Sephora proved to be extremely fruitful, in multiple ways. First of all, and most importantly, 20% off everything! Taking advantage of this, I made an order of the Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme. This normally retails for a jaw-dropping $72 CAD (!!!), but with the discount worked out to around $58. Still ridonculous, for what boils down to being just a body lotion, but as I have been eying this one up for months now, ever since a friend of mine suggested the line, I decided to splurge on this beauty.

The reason why I am so late on posting about this (VIB sale ended on November 10-ish), is because they were delayed in shipping my package due to high volume. So to make up for that, Sephora kindly added 500 points to my account.. booyeah!!

Back to the product – it is packaged in a lovely glass jar, coming with 12 oz of product, still hardly enough to justify the insane price tag, but I am treating this one like a perfume, because the rich, candy scent lasts all day. I have had it for a couple days now, and just applying some in the usual areas where you would apply a fragrance is enough to leave you smelling delicious for hours. The texture is whipped and thick, so I can imagine that using this all over your body would be incredible, but until I win the lottery, this one is going to be saved for uses in small quantities, or really special occasions.

I would love to try the Almond Coconut one next. Have any of you used the Laura Mercier bath and body line?


One thought on “The Body Wardrobe: The Most Luxurious Lotion Ever?

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