The Eye Wardrobe: My First High-End Mascara


Seeing as how my last post about mascara featured three drugstore mascaras, it’s both excessive and possibly shocking that I have already purchased another… and it’s a high-end one no less!

Rewind to a few weeks ago, I took a trip to the Caribbean and knowing that I probably wouldn’t be wearing much makeup much of the time, I decided to bring along a random sample-sized mascara that I had lying around the house (I have several). I was initially skeptical because it wasn’t waterproof, and with the humid, 30+ degree weather, that it would slide off my face in about 0.2 seconds. However, to my great surprise and delight, it held up wonderfully – it holds a curl and doesn’t smudge.

What is this miracle product, you ask? It’s the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Definition Mascara, which retails for a whopping $31 CAD. But yet again, this is another splurge from the recent VIB sale, so I managed to get it for a little bit cheaper. After a lifetime of using only drugstore mascaras, and not being someone who is particularly lash-obsessed, this is a new high (.. or low) for me. However, price aside, the formula is very interesting – it’s almost like latex in the way it dries, so it isn’t too crunchy or hard. And when I remove it at the end of the night it comes off in eyelash-sized pieces instead of melting away, which is probably why it doesn’t melt in the heat or with my oily skin.

Has anyone tried this mascara or anything similar? What would you recommend for high-end mascara?


One thought on “The Eye Wardrobe: My First High-End Mascara

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