The Nail Wardrobe: Alternative Holiday Cheer


Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I thought I’d share a quick post of how I painted my nails for Christmas this year. Despite my last post lauding all shades of red, I decided to go with something a little different. Blue and silver are often used as colours to decorate Christmas trees, so I thought why not apply that to my nails?

I’m not even sure if accent nails are still in, but I’ve happily jumped on that bandwagon and will continue to ride it out… as my main colour I used Tarina Tarantino Nail Color in Meteor Night, which is a very dark polish with teeny tiny shimmer in it. I rarely use this one as it is a very difficult colour to paint with – see how ragged my edges are! I believe this particular line has been discontinued, but I’m not sure. Correct me if I’m wrong! Then on my ring finger, I used one coat of Nails Inc. Cambridge Terrace, my favourite solid silver, and then a coat of the Color Institute Nail Polish (no shade name), which has a slightly bigger sparkle. I don’t know where you can buy Color Institute stuff, but I got mine in a gift set during a Secret Santa exchange. It looks really cheap but actually has amazing lasting power and dries incredibly fast. Get your hands on some if you can!

What nail look did you rock for Christmas?


The Festive Wardrobe: Holiday Lips & Nails


Red is one of those colours that works year-round. But if there is one time of year that it’s especially fun and appropriate to pull off a red statement lip or nails, it’s around Christmas. I’m still a complete n00b when it comes to wearing red lipstick, but recently I’ve gotten more used to the idea and the colour on my face.

Here are a few of my favourites:
For lips – if you’re somewhat afraid of red lips (like me!), try starting with the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Cherry. It’s quite sheer, although buildable, and shimmer isn’t really my favourite in a lipstick type product, but this one works great for everyday, and is hydrating as well.
Stepping it up a notch is the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in The Redder, the Better. I actually got this in a goody bag at an event I went to earlier in the year, and it’s quite a lovely formula. Like it says, it’s a balm, so it’s moisturizing, but it’s not shimmery, and it is extremely pigmented. You will get full on red lips using this without the drying finish of some more matte products.
The most intense of the bunch is the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso. I’ve found that liquid lipstick formulas are the longest lasting usually (no need for lip liner, even!), but they are very difficult to apply. This one I use with a lip brush because I find that the doe foot applicator is too clumsy to get around the cupid’s bow area and the sides of the mouth. But it’s a true red that packs a punch and will last quite a long time. Make sure your lips are in tip top condition before using something like this!
The last one is a bit different – it’s the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Love with Ginger. To people in the UK and US, this won’t be anything new – but to those of us in Canada, the Moisture Renew line just landed a few months ago, and you can’t buy this shade here. I bought mine while I was in Vegas after hearing ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about it, and love it. It’s very comfortable to wear, and the colour’s a bit different from your typical reds, which is great.

Nail polish-wise, I love red nails and I’ve picked a few options that should satisfy all of your holiday needs. For the classic creme finish red, I’ve chosen the Formula X Nail Polish in X<3Rouge, which was sent to me for spending far too much money at Sephora. They have a couple of other shades in the line that are similar. Pyrotechnic would be the closest I think, but every brand sells red nail polish, so rock your favourite one :).
A great pairing with a classic red, to make it even more festive, is the Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer in 99 Luftballoons. It’s a beautiful multicoloured chunky glitter suspended in a fuchsia-red polish, which looks fantastic over red nail polish, or on its own. Just make sure you bring out the heavy duty nail polish remover when you want this one to be gone!
Lastly, one that I trot out every Christmas is the Sephora by OPI What’s Your Point-settia? Obviously this one has been discontinued now, but if you can find something similar, grab it. It’s a deep burgundy-red with gold micro-shimmer, and it takes a few coats, but looks fantastic and super festive.

What is your favourite way to incorporate a pop of red into your holiday look?

The Makeup Wardrobe: Getting Naked!


The Urban Decay Naked line is nothing new – the Naked eyeshadow palettes have been a cult classic and makeup bag staple for years. Sadly, I don’t own any of them. Since I’m neither a full-time beauty blogger, nor a makeup collector (some people in my life may beg to differ), it may be a while until I get my paws on any of them. Not to mention that they each retail for $64 CAD, which in my opinion is somewhat steep.

Anyway, I thought I would talk about a few of their more recent, but by no means new, releases that I am using and loving on the daily.  The first of these is the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, which I picked up about a year ago in the shade 4.0 and can only really use in the winter months. As far as colour goes, I’ve learned recently that even though I have always thought I had yellow undertones in my skin, I’m actually more of a neutral undertone gal, and like other brands that have only pink or yellow undertones to choose from, this one is a bit too yellow for me. I do like the formula, as it is very thin and watery, but covers decently.

The Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder has been in my stash for a while now – it is my first loose powder and I find the texture is incredibly fine and soft. Using the shade Naked Medium, which is a pretty good match for me, I pour a bit into the lid, swirl it around and dust a bit of it all over the face after all of the foundations I have on rotation and it works as well as it can with my ridiculously oily skin. Obviously the one downside to this is that it’s not good for carrying around for touch ups, but it’s a lovely powder and I’d definitely repurchase when I run out.

I am not a lipstick girl. Let me re-phrase that… I absolutely love lipstick and the idea of wearing it, but I’m terrified of wearing it on the daily. Ironically, I have an entire tub of lip products ranging from lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses and tinted lip balms, but I hardly ever wear them! So I’ve been attempting to rectify the situation by going out on a limb and buying more wearable, everyday colours, including this one, the Revolution Lipstick in the shade Naked. It’s a nude pink shade that’s super easy to wear and apply – no mirror required. The finish is quite creamy and not drying. Now I lusting after the rest of the line – Liar and Fiend are next on my list.

What are your favourite Urban Decay Naked products? And which should I try next?

The Body Wardrobe: Holiday Season at The Body Shop

It’s that time of year again when The Body Shop brings out all of their yummy-smelling holiday goodies! I must say, I’ve held off for the past couple of years, but this time, I couldn’t resist, especially with the constant stream of emails about discounts and Black Friday sales and whatnot. My order came yesterday and it was with great excitement that I unboxed it all.

I got myself three body butters, pretty much the gold standard in affordable but luxurious body hydration. There’s no need to go into great detail about these – everyone knows about them and loves them, including me. I can’t even tell you how many tubs of these I have gone through ever since discovering them as a pre-teen. The first is Frosted Cranberry, one of their many iterations of the Cranberry scent they have been bringing out every Christmas for quite a few years now. It’s lovely, tangy and very festive. I can’t decide if I’ll be using this one next, or the newest in the Body Shop family of holiday scents, Glazed Apple. This one is also crisp and smells divine. If you’re wondering why I stayed away from the Vanilla Brulee, I love vanilla in edible things, but I usually find vanilla scents too strong and sickly sweet. Instead, I got a tub of the well-loved and classic Coconut scent. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing this, and when they’re $10 each, I’m definitely stocking up!

What festive products have you been using to hydrate your winter skin?

The Face Wardrobe: What’s in My Bag?


Having just bought a new handbag recently (the Michael Kors Selma Large in navy blue), as a half Christmas present to myself (parents chipping in for the other half), I decided why not show you what I use to touch up every now and then – at work, after work, or generally if I’m out?

Firstly, and most importantly are the Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets – you know the drill, I have an overly oily face, so these come in handy and get used every single day. I pretty much only buy these on sale at Shoppers, and sometimes I switch them up with some Sephora brand ones, but as long as I have blotting sheets, I’m happy. Occasionally I will touch up with powder, the one I have is the MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in NC40. This used to be my go-to powder, back when I only used concealer and powder everyday, but now I reserve it for touch ups. This compact will last forever! With that, I have my handy dandy Sephora Collection Retractable Kabuki Brush, which has a really neat lid so makeup doesn’t get all over my bag, and, by the way, really looks like it needs a good washing..

If I’m having a real makeup-melt off day, I’ve got my MUFE Full Cover Concealer in 7 that I mentioned in a previous post. A more recent buy for me, about a month ago, is the CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer Eye Concealer in 330 Light, for under the eyes. It has a salmon tint to it and a metal tip applicator, which sounds great in theory, but you can’t actually pat concealer into your skin with a metal tip. It gets messy, trust me. The colour so far is great and I’ve only used it on a couple occasions so the jury is still out on this one.

Scent-wise, I carry around with me a very simple and easy-to-wear scent, Marc Jacobs Daisy, which you can tell I’ve been carrying around for ages since the name and flowers have half-worn off the packaging. And the newest addition to my ever-growing stash of portable cosmetics is a teeny tiny tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, which I received as part of a recent 500-point perk at Sephora.

The only really rotating item in this lineup is my lip product of choice. Currently, as we are in cold weather times, especially in Canada, I’ve been using the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Berry Allure, which looks scarily purple in the tube, but comes out quite a bit pinker on the lips.

What have you been carrying around in your purse lately, and do you rotate the items quite a often?