The One-Two Punch of Morning Cleansers

As I mentioned in a previous post, the last couple of months have been a real battle for me and the legions of blemishes popping up all over my face. I began to randomly get huge cystic acne in places I don’t normally get it – around my nose and on my cheeks (it is usually reserved for my chin). Because I’m obsessed with skincare and like to experiment with products, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with so many blemishes at once. I tried paring down my skincare and using gentle products, but whenever I try that consistently for days, my lazy, clogged up skin never seems to improve. So after a few different combinations and pulling out several different cleansers from my closet, I realized that I needed to get some daily scrub back into my life, but not miss out on any acne-fighting ingredients a cleanser might have, however short a while it would stay on my face.

I’d heard one or two people talking about the Murad Pore Reform Skin Smoothing Polish, and I had been using the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser by itself, so I decided to mix a bit of them together to try and give a bit of oomph to both. The result? Combined with other treatment products and masks, this duo has been great in reducing the acne, and makes my skin feel clean and polished, but not overly dry. The Murad is fairly gentle, but scrubby enough that if you applied more pressure, you could get quite an intense polish, and the Juice Beauty cleanser has a light gel texture and smells good too. I definitely would repurchase both products when I’m finished. This is also the first Murad product I have ever tried – I am tempted to try more now…

A note on exfoliation: some people can’t use a manual scrub everyday, but because I have such oily skin, which doesn’t tend to be at all sensitive, I am okay to exfoliate every morning without issue. As long as the product isn’t too harsh or have very large granules, it’s great, but this largely depends on your skin type. I use this scrub/cleanser combo every morning: it just feels wonderful to get all that grime off my face after 8 hours of sleep!

What is your favourite cleanser at the moment, and what products make your skin feel refreshed and awake in the morning?


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