Sephora Brush Love

Sephora Brush
When it comes to makeup brushes, I’ve come a long way – from stealing ‘borrowing’ my first Estee Lauder powder brush from my mom’s stash of unused brushes (which was my only brush for years) and only buying cheap brushes that cost ~$10 (big mistake!).

Sephora has quite a large range of products, some of which are hits and others are misses. Their makeup brushes are one of their biggest hits overall, and over the years, I have built up a mini collection, some of which I use on a daily basis. They generally wash well, dry decently quickly, and don’t shed or get dried out with continued washing.

The first is the Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57, which I use everyday to blend in concealer under my eyes and sometimes on the rest of my face. It’s small and soft, and dense but not too dense. Next is my newest purchase, the Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50, which I actually bought recently to replace my Estee Lauder, which I have been using everyday since about 2009 (!). It’s lovely and soft and doesn’t pick up too much product, which I like. I’m still getting used to it – after using the same powder brush for so long, it’s weird to switch to something new.

One brush that I haven’t quite figured out a use for yet is the Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45 – on the website it says Multitasker Brush, but on the handle of mine it says Mineral, so I’m not sure if they’ve renamed it, but it’s a very dense brush with short bristles, which I assume is for packing on product. I did toy with the idea of using it for powder, but it simply picks up too much product. I would like to try mineral foundation someday, so I am saving it for that, but at this juncture, it’s just sitting and looking pretty.

Another brush I should really be pulling out more is a very simple one – the Angled Liner Brush #22 – I got this one years ago and it seems like they have made a ‘Pro’ version to look the same as the rest of their line, but mine doesn’t match up – I’m sure it does the same thing though. I rarely use pots of gel/cream liner because I’m so lazy, but this one does get busted out every now and then when I want to pop a bit of champagne coloured eyeshadow on the inner third of my lower lash line.

Lastly is a lovely, and multi-use product, the Pro Angled Blush Brush #49. You may or may not have noticed on this blog, but I never ever post about blush – that is because I don’t use it. I own one – only for cases when I feel like a lipstick is washing me out slightly, but really, even for special occasions, I never really use it. I had been looking for a fluffy angled brush to apply bronzer/contour with and I do like using this one along with another one in rotation for that very purpose. On the odd day I decide to bust out some powder highlight, this one also works well. Using the pointy end of the brush is great – since the bristles are long and light, they don’t pick up too much product, making this a great double duty brush – triple if I were to use blush.

One point to make is that they have various collections, and I mostly have face brushes from their Pro collection – would I say they are better quality? Definitely. The bristles are nicer, and everything about them seems more luxe. I would love to add more to my collection, maybe try eye brushes (I have a motley assortment of eye brushes in my collection right now, so probably not for a while), and the Pro Airbrush #55, which I have heard amazing things about.

The price point of Sephora brushes certainly aren’t cheap, but all in all, I’d say these are mid-high range brush, similar in price and quality to MAC, but nothing that crazy. If you invest in nice brushes and take care of them I’d definitely say they are worth the splurge!

What are your favourite Sephora brand brushes, or other makeup brushes? What would you recommend?


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