Setting Spray Showdown

It’s no secret that us oily-skinned gals have an issue with makeup sliding around, changing colour or not doing quite what it’s supposed to throughout the day. It’s also no secret that due to this oiliness, it’s key to powder at least the t-zone, if not the whole face – so a couple brushes later and cue cake face in 3, 2, …

In come setting sprays to help with both keeping makeup in place and tone down any potential cakiness. I’ve tried a range of them, and with the release of a recent drugstore version, I knew I had to pick one up to see how it compared. As far as I know, setting sprays have mostly been the domain of higher-end makeup brands, although I know NYX does one, but it’s a bit more difficult of a brand to get hold of in Canada (I believe they are only sold at Rexall stores).

The first setting spray I ever tried was the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray, which works great. It really helps makeup last all day, even though makeup doesn’t tend to slide around on me too badly compared to how much oil I produce, although it does turn my face makeup into a kind of layer that rolls off if rubbed. I would suggest that this is better used almost as a primer and sprayed on before makeup. The All-Nighter version for all skin types is also great – it’s slightly less intense, so if I am going to repurchase one of the Urban Decay sprays, I’d probably opt for the latter.

Next is another setting spray that has been on the market for a long time and is well-loved – MAC Prep and Prime Fix+. From the website, it claims to “create and even surface” and “finishes makeup”, though I’ve never used it as a priming spray, I find this one to be really refreshing, but it doesn’t hold my makeup for any longer, nor does it control shine (not that it claims to). I tend to save this one for days when I know I won’t be needing to keep my face painted for too many hours.

The most recent and exciting release is the L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray, which I’ve been hearing rave reviews about on YouTube from some Americans. I figured that like all things, it would take forever for the same stuff to appear on shelves in Canada, but I spotted this, along with the rest of the new Infallible line, at my local Shoppers last week, and immediately had to grab one to try. The mist is not as fine as the Urban Decay one, but it works quite well at keeping makeup in place. I think that in the future, I will be repurchasing this one rather than one of the higher end ones. It’s not cheap, I think I paid around $19 for it, but seeing as how us Canadians have to cough up $36 per 4 oz bottle of Urban Decay setting spray, I’d say it’s well worth it.

What are your favourite ways to make your makeup last all day, and what setting sprays would you recommend?


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