Skincare Haul, Part 2: Korean Goodies

Koreans are renowned for having beautiful, youthful skin and some of the best skincare brands available on the market. In recent years, The Face Shop has opened in Canada, more Korean brands have been launched at Sephora, and in general it’s been a bit of a craze.

Laneige is a brand that’s actually easier to get a hold of here – I’ve seen it in a few stores around the country. Recently, I ran out of the Water Sleeping Pack, which I purchased a while ago after hearing rave reviews of it from a cousin. It’s a moisturizing mask that is a lovely gel cream formula with a very light scent. In the winter time, I use this almost daily as a nighttime moisturizer and it takes care of any dry patches and flakiness without being too heavy on my skin, something I really have to watch out for. Since I liked it so much, I decided to repurchase another tub of the stuff. Luckily, the local Korean grocery store has a little section that sells makeup and skincare, so I headed there in the hopes of picking up some other items from the brand to try. I ended up with the Light Power Essential Skin Refiner, a toner formulated for oily skin. They have a moisturizing version that is a milkier texture.

The lady working at the counter was so nice that after purchasing those two items, she gifted me with a whole load of travel sized items from the line, which includes a mini of the toner, as well as emulsions and eye cream, and some packets from their Multiberry Yogurt line, which I believe uses fruit acids to brighten the skin.

I have yet to try the other items, but I will definitely keep you posted if I like them (or hate them)!

What are your favourite Korean or Asian skincare brands?


2 thoughts on “Skincare Haul, Part 2: Korean Goodies

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