Creamy Browns


If there is one makeup item I can’t get enough of (aside from eyeliner), but will probably never ever use up, it’s brown cream eyeshadow. Over the years I’ve collected quite a few. Most don’t make it to my daily use drawer, though let’s get real – it takes some extreme love and dedicated use to actually get though an entire pot (or stick) of cream shadow.

I have incorporated cream shadow into my daily makeup routine, albeit only a smidgen. Due to my oily eyelids practically eating powder eyeshadow in the space of an hour, the discovery of cream shadows has had a dual purpose. Not only does it do what it says on the tin–be pretty and neutral on the lids all day–it also helps to make any eyeliner or shadow I apply over it last that much longer. Here are some of my favourites (and one un-favourite just to be fair):

Sephora Eye Pencil in 502
Let’s start with my un-favourite to get the bad over before the good. I’m not sure you can even get your hands on this anymore, although they have a similar concept now available – the packaging looks different and I don’t know if the product has been reformulated, but this is a pale, shimmery brown that is quite beautiful, but has absolutely no lasting power – it creases and slides around, definitely not recommended for those with oily eyelids. Perhaps a primer would help.

MaxFactor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze
The most recent acquisition of mine – and extremely exciting too! MaxFactor is the UK version of CoverGirl, and we poor North Americans can’t get our hands on it without some help. Thanks to a friend of mine who vacationed in the UK over Christmas, I was able to get this sent over, along with a few other goodies from UK drugstores, to test out. It’s a beautiful, rich, reddy brown, and has the softest texture of the bunch – it almost feels whipped instead of packed into the jar like some cream shadows. I’ve only tried it out once or twice, and it blends out really nicely and lasts decently long, although it is not the most long-lasting of the bunch.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-Hour Cream Gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze
The most affordable and versatile taupe you’ll get, in a very generous quantity – this one’s been raved about by everyone and their mother, so I won’t go on about it here. This one gets almost daily use, and I’ll probably never finish it. A great staple, and one that every makeup junkie or noob should have in their arsenal.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Cocoa
Caviar sticks are a very luxurious and creamy formula; they glide on beautifully and stay all day. Cocoa is the deepest of the bunch, a warm brown that can be blended out all over the lids or messily smudged into the lash line. I would highly recommend these if you have the budget.

Gosh Cosmetics Forever Eye Shadow Stick in Light Copper
Another more recent purchase of mine, I discovered this while browsing the makeup aisles at Shoppers Drug Mart and discovered a delightfully shimmery and warm light brown shade. It’s a bit more shimmery than I like (hard to tell from the picture), so it doesn’t get trotted out much on the daily, but for a special occasion, this will definitely be making an appearance. It’s smooth and glides on really easily, and only costs around $13 – better if you can wait for a sale.

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Ample Amber
Combined with the Color Tattoo, this baby gets the most use on a daily basis – I just blend a tad all over the lids and bam, one-step subtle shadow done that lasts all day. This one is the closest to my natural skin tone, so I can get away with applying it pretty messily. While it doesn’t glide on as nicely as some of the other formulas, this one sticks around and really does act like an eyeshadow and primer all in one.

Next on my hit list might be a MAC Paint Pot, but with so many options available at the drugstore, I’m not sure I need to shell out that much cash for a quality product. As if I really need anymore creamy brown eyeshadows, but what would you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Creamy Browns

  1. Great post, I’m definitely swinging more towards Browns and neutrals these days too. You should try Bobbi Browns cream shadow, it’s the best I’ve ever tried for staying power. It’s on my blog Zoe xx

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