Mini Hair Transformation

Healthy Look
Recently I decided to do a bit of a switch up with my hair to give it some life during these dull winter days. Between the ages of 12-20 I pretty much never stopped colouring my hair, and after I discovered the wonders of heat styling, my poor hair pretty much never got a rest. In recent years I gave my hair a break from the dye but last year I discovered the L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss in Vibrant Light Auburn, which is an ammonia-free semi-permanent dye that is supposed to infused with an “anti-oxidant complex” with pomegranate and royal jelly that leaves less damage.

This is the third time I’ve used the dye and I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the results. For anyone who wants to skip the ridiculously expensive salon price tag and do it at home, I’d suggest going this route, especially since semi-permanent colour is a great way to try something that you’re not sure about. These dyes are always on sale at the drugstore for around $10-$15 (or less!), and totally worth it. Because I’m a messy and clumsy person, I just spread newspaper around the bathroom and go to town.

Another benefit to using semi-permanent dye (and I don’t know if this is true of all dyes of this type), is that it doesn’t give that burning, stinging sensation to the eyes and nose. Also, I’m allergic to hair dye, so I have to rub conditioner around my hairline and ears before applying, and it works like a dream for this stuff. Red is also a very difficult colour to maintain, so because my hair tends to go brassy, and I have quite dark hair to begin with (that I refuse to bleach), semi-permanent dye fades a lot better than permanent dye, which tends to just go orange.

Results below in the before and after pictures – excuse the poor resolution, but you can see the difference between my natural and post-dye hair.. it’s quite true to colour on the box and cools down the tone of the red in my hair really nicely.
Before After

What are your favourite box dyes and what colour should I try next?

Update: WHAT?! I just found out this product has been discontinued and replaced with the Casting Creme Gloss. Looks about the same so I will have to check it out in stores next time.


3 thoughts on “Mini Hair Transformation

  1. There’s a Japanese box dye brand called Palty that I’ve been using to colour my hair lately and it’s really nice. The smell at first is off-putting but when the colour sets in your hair after a few minutes, it smells (and looks) like grape jelly, and your hair feels really soft after, you should give it a go

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