Nudie Lips

Nudie Lips

With lipstick being a recent foray of mine, it’s been difficult to remember to get the tube out and do proper maintenance to really wear any colours that pop on the daily. So since it seems I still struggle in going full out, I have decided to stick with nude lips for the most part, unless I really remember to drop a specific colour into my purse in the morning, or I have some kind of special event to go to.

Recently, the nude combo of choice for me has been the Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Gavi, which is described as a “fleshy peach/nude”, paired with the much-hyped NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. I have medium-light skin in the winter, and I tan to quite a nice medium in the summer, so I have to be careful about what kinds of nudes I wear – many pinky nudes that paler-skinned people can get away with, I can’t, both because I have a darker skin tone, plus the yellow undertones in my skin. Light cool pinks don’t suit me at all, so I was really thrilled when I discovered this combo, which has warm undertones and is dark enough to work on me, but neutral enough that it doesn’t look like I’m ‘wearing lipstick’ so to speak. Minimum maintenance is also needed since the Butter Gloss is quite creamy and hydrating. Not to mention, if I eat, I don’t have to worry about this smearing all over my face.

The nice thing about the combo is that I can use other lip glosses on top of Gavi to change the tone if I want to, and the Butter Gloss works great on its own. It is moisturizing and has a very light candy-vanilla scent that isn’t cloying like most scented lip products, so this is an all around win-win for me.

What is your go to nude lip combo at the moment?


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