Sephora Formula X Infinite Ombre Nail Design Set

Y’all know me by  now – I’m a nail polish junkie through and through. And as much as I love painting my nails and really wish I could do awesome nail art, the combo of shaky hands and a complete lack of artistic skill thwart me every time. So when I saw the Infinite Ombre Nail Design Set pop up on the Sephora website I thought “I’m gonna need that“. Luckily (and unfortunately for my wallet), my office is located right across the street from a Sephora, so at lunch time I quickly popped in and grabbed one of these kits.

For $35 CAD, you get a full sized bottle of Platinum Prime base coat, and four sheer but vibrant polishes: Limitless Lemon, Boundless Berry, Infinite Indigo and Timeless Teal. The box has a flap that gives 3 step-by-step instructions on how to achieve different effects with the polish. Basically, you apply a coat of the platinum and let it dry, then go nuts with the various colours. The key to getting the ombre effect is to mess around with them while they’re wet.

Because I absolutely suck at this kind of thing, and since it was the first time I was trying it out, it was a bit hard to get it to work, but based on the reviews on the Sephora website, it looks like practice definitely makes perfect. I only tried a two-colour combo to begin with but I’m excited to keep trying different ways to apply this. I would suggest coating the skin around your nails with Vaseline or something else because it’s difficult to paint little bits of colour onto the different sections without getting it all over the nails – at least I had that problem, since I’m such a n00b at nail art. As you can see, I was terrible around the cuticles trying to cover up all the platinum base coat. Next time will hopefully be better!

Have you tried this set or ombre nails at all? What did you think and how easy was it to achieve the effects you wanted?


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