Bye-bye Dark Circles?


Dark circles have been a problem my whole life -they’re also not just circles but caves. There are literal depressions in my face under my eyes which certainly don’t help the appearance of my undereye area. I’m that person that regularly gets asked if I’m either sick or tired. So it’ll come as a bit of surprise that undereye concealer was never really my thing until the last couple of years – angry red acne or acne scars were always my number one concern for covering up. Being a bit of an undereye concealer n00b, then, left me a bit confused about what to do or use in that area. The regular concealer I was using didn’t work (it was a thick one in a pot – wrong texture entirely!), and when I switched to using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealers I found the texture of those lovely for blemishes but entirely too cakey for under my eyes. Eventually I discovered more watery concealers that worked, although it’s been a struggle to find something that doesn’t crease in the one line I have under my eyes.

In comes the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector, which I have in the shade Light-Medium, a peachy-pink corrector that feels like a cream/gel formula. I’ve been using this the last few weeks under my eyes before my concealer (which are either the Maybelline Fit Me or Urban Decay Naked) and I found that it does help to really correct everything. It’s not perfect, but my undereye circles and the hollows under my eyes are practically impossible to cover up without loading tons and tons of product on, which isn’t practical for everyday. So for now, a light layer of this applied with my ring finger, and then a swipe of concealer does me for the whole day – and I have been setting it with a translucent powder, which does help it to not crease.

This corrector did come highly recommended from a friend, and the internet, so I’m really pleased with this one, as I’ve been meaning to pick up some kind of corrector at some point. I was told the Bobbi Brown one creases, so not to bother. While I’d really like to try that someday, the Tarte one is working out pretty well for everyday use.

So – miracle product? Not quite, but if you have only moderate dark circles, this would work a treat.

Have you tried this product, and what did you think? What is your favourite corrector?


4 thoughts on “Bye-bye Dark Circles?

  1. I’ll have to try this out sometime! I have dark circles and most of the time I don’t even bother concealing them because it looks so unnatural for me. I have a few liquid concealers that are alright but I agree they don’t look as natural as I would like.

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    • It is definitely hard to find the right colour match for your individual skin tone – a lot of them look ashy and strange on me. Good luck!


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