New Additions to My Brush Collection

Makeup brushes are something that I’ve been slowly and steadily collecting over the last few years, and while I think I’ve got most of the basics now, there were a few things that weren’t necessarily essentials, but just gaps I found in my current brush collection.

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is a really handy little tool to keep around for setting undereye concealer, or lightly blending anything in, as well as placing powder in specific places instead of all over my face. Lately I’ve really been into doing that, since I’ve been using the L’Oreal foundation, which doesn’t require an entire layer of powder to set, so it’s been great to use one less product on my face, although I still like to dust a bit of translucent powder where I get the most oily!

I’m not very big into doing my eyebrows, but I thought that it would be quite useful to have a double-ended brush with a spoolie on one end for both eyebrow grooming (on the odd occasion that I do it) as well as working clumps out of any poorly-applied mascara. I haven’t used the angled brush end as I do have a separate one I use for gel liner, but I figured having a second one wouldn’t hurt, especially when the bristles on my old one get all splayed and less precise. In comes the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12, which works a treat and I’m glad to have added to my collection. I’ve also been quite curious about brow pomades, so although I currently don’t have much of a brow routine, who knows, that might change, and I already have the tool to apply it…

The most recent buy I picked up from Shoppers Drug Mart, the Quo Fan Brush. I have been dying to buy a fan brush for applying highlighter with, since I have tons of highlighter but never use it, since I find that it’s very difficult to apply without looking overdone or like a disco ball. This is quite a large duofibre brush, but it’s been great for picking up just the tiniest amount of product and sweeping it lightly on the tops of the cheekbones. I’ll finally be able to start working my way through my lifetime supply of highlighter!

Do you have any of these brushes and what do you use them for? What brushes should I pick up next?


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