The Best Multitasking Brush Ever?

Sephora brushes are some of my favourites, and I use them everyday, but they are pretty expensive to keep buying. I had mentioned before that I would absolutely love to try the foundation brush from the Pro range, which would complete my collection of Sephora face brushes, for the most part, but I was always put off by the $42 price, which is significantly more than my current everyday foundation brush (Real Techniques Buffing Brush). Recently, I was in the store browsing and I noticed that they had brought out a couple of mini versions of their popular brushes, including the #55, which sells for $30 CAD, still expensive, but much more palatable for me.

Beauty bloggers around the internet have been raving about the full-sized brush and I can completely see why. I got the PRO Mini Airbrush #55.5 in an online order a couple days ago and have been loving it. The interesting thing is that because the bristles are longer and less dense than what I’m used to, it gives a really lovely light and even application of product. I have also been using it to stipple in concealer, powder all over the face and apply bronzer (in that order), and it works beautifully for all of the above. So not only is this is a great brush for travel because it’s small, but because it can be used for everything! I can definitely say I’m in love and really happy that I held off on buying the full size brush. If you’re looking for a good foundation / all-in-one brush, I would highly recommend this one.

Have you tried the 55.5 and/or 55 and what did you think?


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