The ELF Haul and Mini Reviews


E.L.F. is not a brand I have tried too many products from – it’s difficult to get my hands on in Canada, with the exception of the website. While I’ve made an order from the site before, I’ve never really tried any of their actual makeup products, so a couple weeks ago, I decided it was high time to make it happen.

I’ve been able to try the products at least once and I have to say that I’m decently impressed, for the price point, the quality is really comparable to a lot of much more expensive products. I decided to go for a bunch of eye products, including three of the Smudge Pots, in Back to Basics, Wine Not and Ocean Bound. Cream eyeshadows are a huge weakness of mine, so I knew I had to try the ELF ones. What sucked me in was the fact that they are marketed to be used not only as eyeshadows but as eyeliners as well. Taking that cue, I decided to take a leap and go for the deep shimmery blue, which I am planning to use exclusively as an eyeliner. I tried it out once and it is a really lovely colour for eyeliner – I’d need to use a primer underneath, however, as it smudged a tiny bit under the eyes. Back to Basics is a neutral gold colour that leans a bit more yellow than anything else I have, and works really nicely for everyday wear. I decided to pick up Wine Not to be used both as shadow and liner, and so far it’s a really lovely colour that works well smudged into the lower lash line as well (I rarely put anything too dramatic under there for fear of panda eyes).

Next, I was really pleased to see that they had brought out a few eyeshadow palettes in the vein of more expensive brands, but these ones only cost $10 USD apiece, which works out to $1 per shade! I opted for the Mad for Mattes palette, which has a great range of colours – light, dark, warm and cool. I chose this one instead of the more neutral one since I feel like I lack a lot of medium transition shades/crease colours, and this really does have some great shades – I’ve been using the first six quite a bit and they have decent payoff with all-day lasting power. The only downside I will say is that the powder products appear to have quite a bit of fallout and it’s difficult to keep the powder from venturing into other shades, so it does take a bit of delicacy to pick up the right amount of colour without contaminating its neighbours. This powderiness is the same in the contour palette, which I have been trying out for the last couple of days. I think the shade selection is quite good on the cool contour shade and the warmer bronzer, as well as the yellow highlight powder. I’m not the biggest fan of the white shimmery highlight shade, but it’s pretty subtle, so if a light hand is used, it can work on a lot of different people.

I feel like one person can never have enough fluffy eye blender brushes, so I thought that instead of spending $20+ on another one, I’d try the $3 Studio Crease Brush, which is much smaller than my other blender brushes, and is great for more precise application. If I ever make another order, I will definitely be picking up a few more of these!

The last product I bought and have yet to trial long-term is the Studio Matte Lip Color in Wine, which is a dark plummy colour that will be great for the cooler months. I did apply it briefly just to see what the colour looked like on, and I love that it’s different from the other dark shades I own. It goes on quite smoothly, but I have yet to test its longevity.

Overall I’m quite pleased with this haul and amazed by how much you can get for such a good price. What are your favourite E.L.F. products and what would you recommend?


One thought on “The ELF Haul and Mini Reviews

  1. E.L.F. Is one of my favorite brands, and not too many people know about them. They have such good quality products and for way less than MAC and the other popular brands. Great post! I have some fall favorites as well that you may enjoy- feel free to check it out!


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