If You Buy One Nail Polish This Autumn…

Fall is a great time for bringing out those vampy, dark colours and one of the easiest ways to rock these colours is on the nails. My personal favourite this year is a recent purchase, the aptly named ‘Berry’ from American Apparel. I’ve spoken about these before and unfortunately they seem to have disappeared from the American Apparel website, but if there is a store closeby, I’d recommend popping in because their nail polish is some of the best you can get for the price (usually 3 for $18, but I got this one on a BOGO deal), and seriously underrated. They’ve also recently declared bankruptcy, so the quicker you go the better!

The formula is fairly thin, but opaque so it’s easy to paint on in two coats and dries decently fast. I think it’s just the perfect shade for the cooler weather – a lovely plummy shade that will also pair really nicely with gold if an accent nail is your thing.

I will definitely be wearing this shade tons this fall! What is your favourite shade of nail polish this season, and what would you recommend?


One thought on “If You Buy One Nail Polish This Autumn…

  1. This looks like it has such a great finish! I’m currently using the Gel polish by Sally Hansen and it dries really quickly, and has great shine. Great post! I have some beauty reviews that you might enjoy as well- feel free to check it out!

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