Drugstore Liquid Liner?

I’m a great believer that lower-priced makeup is mostly as good as its higher-end counterparts. My favourite foundations and mascaras are drugstore, as well as some of the best lipsticks. But eyeliner has always been difficult for me, as you’ll know. For years I swore by the Stila liner, and more recently I’ve been using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, but I’m always happy to try out drugstore alternatives. Not many brands have pen-style liquid liners, and I think I’ve mentioned previously that I had tried out the Revlon version, which I found to be very stiff, scraping and dried easily.

When a coworker mentioned that the Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner was her personal fave, she was kind enough to bring me an extra she had so I could try it out. I’ve used it a few times, on bare skin, with a primer, on top of cream shadow, and on top of powder eyeshadow. My thoughts? It applies very smoothly, the same way the Stila one does – the nib is just the perfect balance of firm and bendy that I like. It also lasts all day without fading, except on bare skin. However it definitely slides around and gives me panda eyes. Nothing too extreme, but it does not hold up the same way the Stila or Kat Von D ones do, so while I would love to give a thumbs up to this product, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps if you have less oily eyelids, you could make this work. I can also feel that because the lid doesn’t have the extra spring, this one will dry out quickly, another huge downside.

Have you tried this product or other drugstore liquid liners? What would you suggest I try next?


3 thoughts on “Drugstore Liquid Liner?

  1. I’ve also been having trouble finding a replacement for my Kat Von D liner. I’ve tried almost all of E.L.F’s liners except the Studio Intense Ink Eyeliner, which I only got to try out on my hand. I think that will be my next try. But I’ve tried ELF’s “essential” line of liquids and pens/markers and they are horrible. The marker simply doesn’t work, and the liquid takes forever to dry. I’ve more recently tried the NYX Skinny marker and that’s as bad as the $1 ELF marker. It isn’t very dark, doesn’t go on smoothly, and will scrape the more you try to go over it. Currently, I am using ELF’s Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner. It’s not too bad…for $3 it’s worth a try. I have really hooded eyes so I have an issue with the fact that it takes forever to dry. But I’ve never had problems with it smearing, though if you accidentally rub your eyes, it will rub off. Hopefully other people have better options that I do!

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    • Hmm.. sounds like I might have to make another ELF order soon! I know CoverGirl just released a liquid liner.. I’ll probably try it but to be honest I’m not very hopeful. I also find that the higher-end pens just last for way longer! The Stila ones used to last me almost a year without drying out. I don’t think the cheaper alternatives can compare.


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