So You Want to Wear Glitter Nail Polish…

…But you don’t want to take it off… I have to admit, this is a deterrent for a lot of people, myself included. Who doesn’t love glitter nail polish? I have bottles and bottles of the stuff, but almost never crack it out, since the thought of removing it is just so darn off-putting. In the last little while I’ve discovered a couple of great methods (other than the foil method, which in my opinion, takes way too long) for making it a bit easier to remove those stubborn chunks of glitter from your nails.

1) Sephora’s Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter
This product comes highly recommended via YouTube and a coworker of mine who is similarly obsessed with nail polish. It’s the type of remover that has a soaked sponge, you stick your finger in and voila!, a clean nail comes out. This one has a special rough bit of sponge in the middle that you’re meant to rub your nail against in order to get the glitter off. It works a treat, although my only gripe with this and other similar types of removers is that after repeated uses, you start getting pieces of random glitter on your clean nails.

2) Kit Exfoliating Round Cotton Pads
You can use any exfoliating cotton pads, really, and I’ve actually been using these to take off all my nail polish for the past year or so. The only place I’ve been able to find these is at Rexall, which I don’t often frequent, but these have tiny blue scrubby bits that help take off any kind of nail polish, but really help with glitter, since glitter usually ends up cutting up the cotton pad or getting it all stuck to your nails.

What are your recommendations for taking glitter nail polish off?


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