Little Pots of Luxury for Holiday

It’s not often I’ll splurge on fancy body products, but you might remember I reluctantly opened my wallet and bought one of the Laura Mercier body souffles during last year’s Sephora sale. Well – that was a grave mistake, because it’s basically made it way easier for me to spend on ridiculously high priced stuff. I should qualify that by saying that since then I’ve ‘only’ bought another full-sized body souffle in the Tarte au Citron flavour (divine). Every year for holiday, Laura Mercier brings out some variation of the mini set of six of her lotions. This year was no different, and while I could barely justify spending the $72 on this set (works out to the same price per ounce of product as a full-size lotion), I got a friend of mine – actually the one who originally got me sniffing these in the first place! – to go halvsies with me, since I don’t like all of the scents. The vanilla and creme brulee flavours I find far too sweet, but I had been dying to try the Almond Coconut variety.

If you’re wondering why on earth anyone would pay $72 for a jar of body lotion, the answer is… because it’s unlike any other body lotion you can imagine. It’s a rich, luxurious texture, but it’s also whipped, so it’s easy to rub into the skin. It also smells mouthwateringly good.  Don’t be fooled by the names of the scents – they actually have many more layers to them than just Vanilla, or just Creme brulee. The Vanilla one, for example, smells like “vanilla, tangerine & brown sugar” (taken from the Laura Mercier site). I’ve said before that I treat this like a perfume, only dabbing a bit on where one would normally apply perfume, and in my opinion, it lasts longer than a perfume. Your wrists will stay smelling delicious for the entire day and night. So if you look at it like a perfume, the $72 is totally worth it.

If you live in the US, you’re very lucky, as Sephora stocks this set online (and in store?), which is called La Petite Souffles Souffle Body Creme Collection, but for us up here in Canada, I bought mine at Holt Renfrew. The Laura Mercier body collection sets are all very tempting, but I think I’ll stick to half of this set for now.

Have you ever tried any of the Laura Mercier bath & body products and what is your favourite scent? What will you be splurging on for the holidays this year?

8 thoughts on “Little Pots of Luxury for Holiday

    • They are so worth it, but you definitely have to do some budgeting! Or you can do what I did and go half and half with a friend, at least with one of the sets. …or ask Santa to get it for Christmas for sure!!

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    • It is totally worth it if you treat it like perfume :). Or if you can get a discount. I’m not sure if they sell these at Sephora in the US, but that would be a good option during a VIB sale of some sort.

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