The Budget Pots of Lotion

In case you were hoping to get your paws on a nice body lotion set this holiday season, and didn’t feel like splashing out the obscene $72 on this one, I’ve got a nice alternative, that while not exactly a dupe, is much friendlier on the wallet, and a fantastic option for either gifting or keeping.

The Soap & Glory Three Times Butter set retails for $15 at Shoppers Drug Mart and contains three 50 ml travel size versions of three of Soap & Glory’s bestselling body creams. The first of the bunch is the reason why I picked up the set in the first place, the Smoothie Star Body Buttercream, which is described as having a ‘pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla’ fragrance. It’s richly scented of baked goods, and it annoys me to no end that here in Canada they don’t sell the individual products in the Smoothie Star range, which is supposed to be sweet and creamy. Sugar Crush is one of S&G’s most-loved scents. I am currently working on the full-sized shower cream and body butter, and it is an incredibly delicious sweet lime scent that’s not creamy at all but more candy-like without being sickly sweet. I’m pleased to have a travel size version of the body lotion now!

The last in the set is the Righteous Butter, which is I believe, one of their original products. Sad to say, I actually really dislike the original S&G scents – the fruity, more perfume-y ones are quite unappealing to me, so I might give this one away. However, if you’re into this scent or know someone who is, the lotion itself is quite lovely. What I really enjoy about the S&G body creams is that they are extremely moisturizing without having that thick, white texture that takes ages to work into the skin.


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