The Blending and Cleansing Duo I’m Loving Right Now

There is absolutely nothing that blends makeup like a beautyblender. A small, unassuming pink sponge, it does wonders for makeup when slightly damp. I’m a fan of mattifying, creamier foundations that can sometimes look streaky or be difficult to blend in with a brush or fingers, so when a friend suggested picking up one of these bad boys, I had to try it. I’ve had a beauty blender in my life since a couple summers ago, and while sometimes I stray away due to sheer laziness (running a sponge under water for a few seconds?? Not during the morning rush!), I always end up coming back to it. Bopping it around the face blends foundation, concealer and any other cream products so beautifully it’s almost unreal. I’ve never really tried any other face sponge for applying face products, but despite that.. the hype is real, people. It’s totally worth it!

A little newer to my collection is the blendercleanser solid, which is a solid makeup brush/tool cleanser. Despite owning a beautyblender for a while now, I was never able to get it completely clean and back to its pink colour. I’ve tried liquid brush cleanser, soap, face wash, etc., but it always seemed to stain. Well, obviously it makes sense that one company would’ve made a tool and the thing to clean it with……. duh… The other huge plus is all my brushes tend to dry much quicker when I use this cleanser as opposed to face wash or liquid soap. I have been lucky enough to get free samples of the mini sizes of the cleanser, but when they run out I’m definitely going to be picking up a full size version of the stuff, and maybe try other solid brush cleansers that are at a better price point, if they exist.

Have you tried the beautyblender and/or cleanser? What is your favourite way to clean your brushes?


One thought on “The Blending and Cleansing Duo I’m Loving Right Now

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