Luxury Eyeshadow … Worth the Splurge?

I love me some eyeshadow. You’ll already know that I have tons of the stuff but can’t seem to get around to using it fast enough. So I decided that one way I would be more motivated to use it is to do a ‘one-colour wash’, where it won’t take much time to apply, and it’ll look good all day without having to fuss around with tons of shades and brushes. My ideal type of colour for this is a light-medium shimmery shade that isn’t too far off from my natural skin tone and I can quickly dab on with my fingers if needed.

In search of the perfect one-colour wash, I recently hauled the Burberry Eye Colour – Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in No. 003 Shell, which is a gorgeous champagne shade with shimmer running through it. The packaging is sheer luxury – weighty and magnetic, with a velvet pouch – even the cardboard box it came in was fancy, all of which one should expect when paying a painful $33 CAD for a single eyeshadow. I can definitely see what all the hype is about and why people collect them (although I can’t imagine spending almost $70 and only having two eyeshadows to show for it) – the formula is lovely. Soft, but not too soft, practically no fallout and it blends really nicely. I can quickly apply this with my fingertips or a brush in the morning, and be done, or if I’m feeling really fancy, I can blend a deeper shade into the crease. Otherwise, this is a one and done product.

I haven’t tried it wet yet, since I’m pretty sure the effect would be far too shimmery for work. Maybe for a special occasion I will try it, but this is definitely a worth-the-splurge product if you’re into eyeshadow. I can see myself using this everyday and all year round, which is exactly what you want in a product on which you’ve dropped some serious cash. Will I be buying another? Perhaps, but not any time soon.

Have you tried any Burberry eyeshadow or other makeup? What did you think?

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