2015 Favourites: Makeup

What better way to kick off 2016 than by posting about the products I loved the most and you’ve all seen scattered throughout the blog in 2015? Many things have not changed from last year, but I thought I’d include all the stuff that I’ve been absolutely loving and needing in my makeup routine these past 365 days.

First for face, was the most wondrous discovery of them all – the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. It’s creamy, light and keeps oil at bay all day long, which is practically a miracle in my books. The only drawback, I’d say, is that the shade selection is terrible. I currently mix shades 103 and 105; the former being a smidge too pink, and the latter being too yellow. With my foundation now being so long-lasting, I found myself needing less powder, so in came the Real Techniques Setting Brush for light dustings of setting powder under the eyes and a bit on the chin and forehead. It works great in the grooves of the face and stops me from looking too cakey. Another product that the brush would work beautifully with is the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Highlight Powder, which is the most gorgeous champagne shimmer that makes the cheekbones look incredible, day or night. It’s the first highlight I’ve ever found that I’ve deemed subtle enough to use in the office – but it can also be layered on for a more dramatic look, without ever getting full on sparkly or glittery.

For the eyes, I discovered a few new favourites that I’m now unsure if I can go without, the first and most interesting being the Bare Minerals Locked & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat, which has allowed me to use regular mascara, but also smudgey ‘waterproof’ mascaras on a regular basis. Another yearlong fave has been the much-talked about Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, which seems to have replaced its Stila counterpart. I do love the calligraphy pen tip (vs. the Stila felt-tip), and it lasts just as long without smudging, but the colour is definitely not as black as the Stila. My other obsession this year has been the Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Gilt – I won’t go on about this one as I’ve raved about it a lot. I’d love to get some of the other colours someday, but as it stands, I currently have in my possession far too many cream shadows! My most-loved palette this year has been the Too Faced Natural Eyes Collection, another product I don’t need to rave about any more. The texture of the shadows is buttery smooth and it’s perfect for every occasion, as well as being more affordable than some of the higher-end palettes.

For lips and tips, I discovered the Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie at the end of last year and have not been able to stop using it since – I’ve worn my first one down to a tiny nub and already have a backup tube ready to go. It’s a lovely berry colour, as the name would suggest, but light enough to apply without a mirror. I would highly recommend this colour to anyone who is getting into lip colour or just wants something lower maintenance than a full-on lipstick. 2015 was the year I finally tried Seche Vite Top Coat, which is amazing as people have said it is – it dries fast and glossy, making it look like you did a salon manicure at home. The other nail find of the year was one I made relatively late, but has totally upped the standards to which I hold other nail polish. The ArtDeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer in 758 Porcelain Rose dries fast and lasts a long time, something that almost no nail polish formula manages to do. The brush is also thicker, which makes it easier to actually paint it on.

What were your 2015 favourites and what products are you most excited about trying in 2016?


8 thoughts on “2015 Favourites: Makeup

    • Absolutely!!! I have the oiliest skin ever (as in, put on makeup at 7:30 am and needing to blot at 10:00 am kind of thing) and the Infallible is seriously a godsend. Doesn’t seem to be clogging pores or causing breakouts either. I don’t need to blot for the whole day or use much powder with it, so I’d definitely recommend getting it. Even better, get it on sale, as I find it slightly expensive for drugstore, at least here in Canada.

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