The Mini Makeup Purge and New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

In the spirit of entering the new year with a fresh start and outlook on life, including my beauty routine and purchasing habits (cough), I thought I’d enumerate a few things I will hopefully be sticking to faithfully into the new year.

1) Purge. It’s ridiculous how much stuff seems to accumulate, especially in my beauty drawers. Why do I have eight red lipsticks? Why do I hold onto a foundation I never use? What’s the point in having expired products lying around? I’ve seen a lot of makeup collection declutter videos on YouTube this year, and while my collection is nowhere near as large as some people who do beauty for a living, I thought it was high time that I had to get rid of some products, which are pictured above, many of which have separated and are looking/smelling pretty icky. I hope to continue doing this every few months so that I don’t have any expired products or things I won’t use lying around.

2) Use things up. It’s difficult to use up an entire product, especially when you have a few on the go and whatnot. I’ve resolved not to start using anything new unless I’ve used up a like product – one bronzer only, etc. Also, it’s so satisfying to use something up completely!

3) One in, one out. By this I mean, no more  buying things. I have a good friend who went on a fiscal fast in 2015, which meant no buying makeup/skincare/clothing/accessories unless something was finished and really needed to be replaced, I was inspired by her. It’s easy to get sucked into the advertising and constant pressure of buying things, and I’ll admit, I love having the choice. But do I really need 3 mascaras open at once? How about six eyeshadow palettes? Five gold cream eyeshadows? Unbelievable. I’ve gotten to the point where I have enough makeup to last a good while, so I really don’t need to buy anything unless I run out. For example, I only have one liquid eyeliner on the go that I use daily. I’ll replace that, but outside of that, I will be trying very hard not to buy multiples of anything I already have in any given category.

What are your beauty goals for 2016?


3 thoughts on “The Mini Makeup Purge and New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

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