Battle of the Drugstore Foundations

You guys know how much I love the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. I’ve talked about it time and time again, although of course being a restless beauty blogger, there’s always that yearning to try and find something better. I’d heard lots of buzz surrounding the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation and was super curious about it, though what with my self-imposed no buy, I didn’t want to expand my ever-growing foundation collection.

Recently, however, I got rid of my 2.5 year old bottle of Urban Decay Naked Foundation, and decided it would be okay to replace it with the Maybelline. Interestingly, their formulas are actually kind of similar in that they’re both more watery and have a light consistency.

With respect to which drugstore matte foundation I prefer, I think the L’Oreal will still have to come out on top. I find that the Maybelline, while it has a light consistency, doesn’t blend as well into my skin (I use a BeautyBlender with both). My other gripe with it is that the colour is a bit too dark for me, although it’ll probably work really well in the summer. I have shade 220 Natural Beige, and for some reason, in the Luminous Fit Me formula, they have a 210, but not in the Matte + Poreless version. WHY? I’ve checked a few different drugstores and they all seem to be stocked like that. Very annoying, as I believe the 210 is a better colour match for me. If only they made that shade in the Matte + Poreless formula, the colour match would be much better than the L’Oreal.

I will say, however, that both the L’Oreal and the Maybelline control oil decently well – it just comes down to a matter of preference and I think that more fluid foundations will never really be my thing, as I think creamy formulas simply blend into my skin better. I find they also hide dry patches more as well. I’ll definitely continue to use both foundations, but for me, the L’Oreal is going to be very tough to beat.

Have you tried both and what is your preference? What is your favourite oil-controlling foundation?


The High-Low Eye

My go-to eye looks have changed a lot recently, with me straying away from the gold obsession I had all through 2015 to switch over to a moderately different champagne. All through January and this far into February I’ve been using a new combination non-stop for my daily eye, and I thought it was about time to document it here.

It’s a great mix of high-end and drugstore makeup, as I’ve really been loving the ELF Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette. What I’ve been doing on the regular is applying the third colour from the top roughly into my crease area, and then taking a tiny bit of the fifth and sixth colours to define it a bit more precisely. Lastly, I take the same brush and swirl it generously into my Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in No. 003 Shell, and swipe it all over the lid for a subtle glow that’s less obvious than gold. Then I finish off with my usual liquid liner and mascara and I’m done!

I’ve been loving this combo, and even more, I’ve been really enjoying mixing high and low-end makeup. It’s quite difficult to find a good, affordable matte eyeshadow palette, and ELF does the job admirably.

What has your go-to eye look been so far in 2016?