The High-Low Eye

My go-to eye looks have changed a lot recently, with me straying away from the gold obsession I had all through 2015 to switch over to a moderately different champagne. All through January and this far into February I’ve been using a new combination non-stop for my daily eye, and I thought it was about time to document it here.

It’s a great mix of high-end and drugstore makeup, as I’ve really been loving the ELF Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette. What I’ve been doing on the regular is applying the third colour from the top roughly into my crease area, and then taking a tiny bit of the fifth and sixth colours to define it a bit more precisely. Lastly, I take the same brush and swirl it generously into my Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in No. 003 Shell, and swipe it all over the lid for a subtle glow that’s less obvious than gold. Then I finish off with my usual liquid liner and mascara and I’m done!

I’ve been loving this combo, and even more, I’ve been really enjoying mixing high and low-end makeup. It’s quite difficult to find a good, affordable matte eyeshadow palette, and ELF does the job admirably.

What has your go-to eye look been so far in 2016?


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