I’m Still Alive … and Some Beauty Conference Deals

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog forever! The recent weeks have been a bit of a crazy whirlwind – we recently moved, which was quite stressful, so I haven’t had a chance to properly sit down and photograph and write. There are still bits and bobs lying around everywhere to be unpacked and I still haven’t actually found where everything goes yet.

But, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity of attending a beauty / esthetic conference, where I was very good about not buying too much (the cash only policy helped). They had a whole beautyblender display, which was insane, because the standard beautyblender with the sample-sized beautyblender cleanser solid was only $20 CAD. Ones without the cleanser were going for $16, which if you live in Canada, is a massive deal, as they retail for $28 in Sephora.

The next display my friend and I could NOT resist was the Essie stand – $4.50 a bottle, and on top of that, buy 4 get 1 free (Essie retails for around $12 CAD normally)! We decided to split the deal, and I really don’t need more so I let her get the third free one. As you can see I went pretty boring and neutral, but I find that I get the most wear out of colours like that. I picked up the shades Angel Food and Minimalistic, the latter of which is more pink. While I love the colours, in true Essie fashion, they are very sheer and require 3-4 coats to really achieve an opaque effect. I’ll probably only be using these when I know I have a ton of time to paint my nails!

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