The Mascara Struggles

Those of you who have oily skin / oily eyelids and stick-straight lashes, you know what I’m talking about in the title. Mascara formulas labeled as ‘waterproof’ may be so, but on my eyes, they seems to just break apart and smudge all over the place. It’s interesting as mascara is a super subjective product as well – people really diverge on their opinions of various brands and products, but for me, anything that holds a curl and doesn’t smudge is pretty much a winning product at this point. Even though I’ve discovered waterproof top coats, which can sometimes work, it’s tricky to cover the entire area without making things too goopy.

Last year I used the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter – Gel Definition Mascara, which was great, but for $33 a tube, it seemed a bit steep. So ever since I used that up, I’ve been on the hunt for a drugstore formula that actually achieves my mascara goals. So far, it’s been a difficult one, and the majority I’ve tried in recent years have been fails. The closest I’d ever gotten to a drugstore mascara that ever worked was a Revlon one, but now Revlon have discontinued all their formulas and brought out new ones with more uniform packaging – not a waterproof formula in sight.

With this in mind, I recently picked up the Covergirl Plumpify BlastPRO Waterproof Mascara, since I hadn’t tried a Covergirl mascara in years. First of all, it smudges, so a big no-no. Second, the wand is ENORMOUS (see top left in second picture) and spiky, with a ball on the end. Basically the whole contraption is dangerous and messy – difficult to coat the lashes properly without poking yourself in the eye or getting mascara all over the place. This is a huge fail and quite a disappointment.

I also got a sample of the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara ages and ages ago and have been using it a bit here and there – it’s definitely not waterproof, but it makes me sad because I actually love the way it makes my lashes look: volumized and defined. I usually throw some of the waterproof top coat over it and it works alright, but generally speaking I’d rather have one step. The wand is also great (top right) – small and curved and easy to use.

I’ve been having a real moment with bottom lashes and I decided to re-purchase the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, which I’d gotten years ago but never bought again. I absolutely love the wand on this one (bottom right) – tiny and defined and easy to use. I even use this stuff on my top lashes sometimes, especially closer to the inner corner of the eye. I wouldn’t say this formula is budge-proof but it does last most of the day.

The real find for me was both awesome and a disappointment, the latter due to my commitment to finding a great lower priced mascara. In my Cult Beauty haul I picked up the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara, and hallelujah – it works and does everything it’s supposed to! It’s got a curved, triple-bobble wand (bottom left) that makes it really easy to apply to both the top and bottom lashes. The formula has little fibres in it that add volume and length, and does not move even in the summer heat. The only downside is that it cost £18.50, which works out to about $30+ CAD. It’s a lot to pay for a mascara, and I hope it lasts a good long time.

I will definitely still be trying all kinds of drugstore formulas to find the perfect mascara under $30, but in the meantime, what would you recommend for someone with oily eyelids and straight lashes?


4 thoughts on “The Mascara Struggles

  1. I really want to try the fairy drops mascara! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I’m wearing the benefit roller lash today and I really like it but it smudges if I wear it on my bottom lashes. The struggle is real! I use two to three different mascaras everyday to get the look I want! It’s kinda crazy.


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    • The hype is definitely real with the Fairy Drops. I wish Benefit would bring out a waterproof Roller Lash – that’d be amazing. Also, kudos to you for actually using that many mascaras everyday – I can only be fussed to use one!

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  2. I have oily eyelids – usually more on the top near my eyebrows which means I can’t use extreme length lashes without them smudging all over my brows! I do use however the Maybelline push up drama mascara – which is only £8 if you can get it in the states, it seems to dry a lot quicker than the others and doesn’t smudge. I always love Benefit They’re Real! (£19.50) but it makes my lower lashes so long that they smudge too – the struggle is real! xx

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    • Oo I’ve tried Benefit They’re Real but somehow that one smudges on me as well as being very difficult to remove. I should keep an eye out for the Maybelline one – have not had much luck with their waterproof formulas but I’m willing to give it a go!


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