Cleaning Dem Brushes…

Cleaning brushes and tools are everyone’s [least] favourite chore. Too bad it’s a daily or at least weekly task for most everyday makeup wearers like myself. I’ve spoken about how much I love the beautyblender blendercleanser solid before, because it makes cleaning so much easier: a swirl, a rinse and a wring – that’s all it takes. The only downsides to using a solid cleanser is that it goes really fast, and it is quite expensive – the beautyblender brand will set you back $22 CAD.

Now I’m someone who uses a beautyblender to apply my makeup daily, and I wash it daily because of my acne-prone skin – also, a dirty sponge seems grosser than a dirty brush, not sure why. Any brushes I use for bronzer, eyeshadow, etc., are washed weekly. That means each solid cleanser I use doesn’t last overly long – I’d say about 2-3 months.

So I’ve been hunting for alternative solid cleansers, since they seem to get the job done so much better than other options (I’ve tried Dr. Bronner’s soap, face cleanser, and even hand soap on occasion). They don’t seem to sell any at the drugstore, so the only one I could get my hands on was the Sephora brand Solid Brush Cleanser, which was actually sold out in a ton of locations. It took me a while to track it down, which I figured had to mean good things. It is $5 less, which isn’t a whole ton of money, but cheaper nonetheless, and it has a scent to it, which is quite pleasant and not overpowering. Both cleansers come with plastic pink doodads to scrub your brushes on to help get the makeup out. The Sephora brand works just as well, so in the future I’ll be re-purchasing that one for sure, if I can find it!

What are your favourite methods to clean your brushes and what would you recommend?


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