Raspberry Lips and Tips

My favourite colours of nail polish and lipstick seem to converge a lot these days, especially in the summertime – anything not quite pink and not quite red. Corals and deep berries are the best, so I try to make an effort to pull out all these colours when I can in the hot weather. Raspberry pink is one of the most flattering colours and I think it suits all skin tones, no matter how pale/deep/warm/cool your skin may be.

I’ve spoken about Essie’s Haute in the Heat before, which is probably my favourite nail polish colour ever. (Bold statement). I’m glad it became permanent as it was released as part of a summer collection a couple years ago. It is beautiful and rich, and is really perfect for year round.

The new product here is the NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary. I’ve been slowly acquiring NYX products since they only launched in Canada in a big way a few months ago. So far I’ve been really enjoying their lip products, and this one is no exception. It’s not too drying, the pigmentation is crazy good, and it’s under $10. What more could you really want in a matte lipstick? The shade of raspberry is really wonderful too and I will be wearing this one in every season as well. In fact, I sometimes wear the lipstick and nail polish together because I’m that crazy about the shades.

What are your favourite raspberry-coloured products and have you tried either of these?


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