Two New Masks

True to my resolutions for 2016, I’ve been using up a ton of my skincare and not buying random extras for no reason. Recently, I’ve been able to finish quite a few face masks as well as samples I’ve had for ages and ages (probably far too long), so much so that I actually was able to purchase new ones to add to my stash.

I’m a religious face mask-user – almost every night I try to do at least one, rotating between brightening, acne-fighting and soothing/moisturizing ones so that my skin doesn’t get too worn out. My aim is to have approximately one of each kind of mask so that I don’t get stuck with having to use too many at a time. I already have my holy grail Fresh mask that I’ve raved about, which is the best clay mask I’ve ever tried. But I wanted something that was geared more specifically to combating those pesky breakouts, so I headed over to the Body Shop and picked up their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask. The texture of the mask is difficult to describe. It doesn’t dry as hard as most clay masks, since it’s both creamy and slightly sticky. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite mask yet but I will definitely keep using it and keep you updated on the results.

The other battle I have to fight is constant hyperpigmentation and acne scars on my face – masks with resurfacing acids come in very handy for this and I spent a lot of time looking for one that would work but not cost me an arm and a leg. I eventually stumbled on Herbivore’s Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask, which claims to clarify and smooth skin. It’s just as blue as one would imagine, and has quite a runny texture, so one doesn’t need a great deal of product to cover the face. There’s a definite tingle when it goes onto the skin, and when the mask is washed away, it leaves my face feeling unbelievably soft. I’m really enjoying using this mask and think it has made a noticeable difference so far.

What are your favourite face masks and have you tried either of these?


The Scent of Summer…

As it’s now September and the weather has seemingly cooled very quickly, so I thought I had better share the delicious scent that will keep me thinking about summer long after it’s over. The Body Shop’s limited edition Pinita Colada range has been reviewed thoroughly on the internet since it was released in other countries in around May. However, for some reason, the line was not released until July in Canada. I managed to get my paws on a set they had – $20 for the shower gel and body sorbet, the latter of which is a formula I’ve never tried before. I’ve been using them for the past few weeks and absolutely loving the scent – it smells exactly like the name suggests and reminds me of trips to Cuba.

The shower gel is the standard Body Shop formula, although a bit thicker in consistency than some of the other scents. And the body sorbet is the most extraordinary texture – gel-like and almost gritty, but when rubbed into the skin melts into nothing. I can see why this is used as a summertime moisturizer as it’s decidedly less heavy than a traditional lotion. I did also pick up two of the body butters, which is a formula I prefer, and seems to be running out – I actually had to go to three different locations before I managed to find them in stock, so if you haven’t tried these products I’d suggest you run to your nearest Body Shop ASAP!

Have you tried this range and what was your favourite product?