Mini Reviews on Minis

What is it about mini products that just makes everyone go nuts? They’re so cute and the packaging is so adorable and… they’re also cheaper than the full-size and oh-so travel friendly. Between my Birchbox subscription from 2015 and point perks and the aisle of doom in every Sephora store, I’ve managed to acquire quite a few minis that needed to be used and used up.

The most exciting mini for me has to be the recently-released Urban Decay All-Nighter Liquid Foundation. I had the Naked Foundation a while back and it was alright, but once I heard about the new long-wearing full coverage formula,  I absolutely knew I had to try it out. The only thing that really gave me pause (other than the $49 price tag) was the Urban Decay colour selection. I had the 4.0 shade in the Naked foundation and always found it to be far too yellow for me. The other question I had was whether this new formula would oxidize the same way. I can unquestionably confirm that it does. I managed to pick up the shade 5.0 of the All-Nighter, and while upon first swipe it seems alright, it quickly darkens and goes far too dark and orange on my skin. The strange thing is that they introduced a couple of neutral undertone shades but not as dark as I need – a 4.25 would be perfect for me (currently, the Urban Decay foundation lines have the .0s as yellow-undertoned and 0.5s as pink undertoned). Colour aside, this is definitely the most full coverage foundation I’ve ever used – it goes on very smoothly and covers everything. It lasts a fair bit but I definitely still get oily and have to blot periodically, so on the oil control front, it’s just meh. But if you like a full-coverage foundation, and you have moderately oily skin, I would recommend this for sure – just make sure you go a shade lighter.

The next thing I had to try is the miniature Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I was extremely excited to try this because everyone and their grandmother has been raving about the regular Better than Sex mascara, which I have always avoided because I knew the formula wasn’t waterproof. Sad to say, my oily eyelids eat this stuff for breakfast. It smudges all over the place and I can’t wear it. Also, the brush is far too big and bushy for my eyes, so it tends to get everywhere. It’s another mascara fail for me, unfortunately, so the hunt continues for a more accessible and affordable mascara I can buy here. The packaging is insanely cool though – the fake water droplets though?!

Laura Mercier is a line I have always wanted to try more of, but it’s quite expensive, so I’ve had to pick little bits and pieces as I go. A while back they were offering a 100 point perk at Sephora of the Lip Glace in Bare Baby, which is a lovely light pink. The lip gloss goes on smoothly and isn’t sticky. The one thing I’m not crazy about is the scent – it’s smells strongly of sickly sweet vanilla, but if you like that smell then you’d probably love this product.

Onto the skincare – another 100 point perk I grabbed is the Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask, which is a gritty exfoliant that smells like oranges. You’re meant to spread it over the skin and leave it for 10 minutes before scrubbing it off and therefore getting both chemical and physical exfoliation. It’s nice so far but I haven’t noticed any massive changes. I will continue to use it until it’s gone but may not purchase the full sized product.

Eye creams are something that I’m not overly fussy about – the only things they really have to do are keep my undereye area hydrated, and not ball up and disappear when I put concealer there. The Benefit Puff Off! is supposed to help with puffy bags, but that’s not really a problem I have – however it’s a nice eye cream to use in the morning – not too heavy, and it sinks in instantly. I haven’t had any issues in the makeup department either.

Have you tried any of these products, and what did you think?


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