My First MAC Eyeshadows

Can you believe that as a makeup junkie I have reached my late 20s without ever trying or owning a MAC eyeshadow?!

It’s quite shocking of course, but that problem has been rectified by my seemingly impossible-to-stop impulse to buy. To be fair, I did have a gift card so I didn’t pay a cent for these things – however, what did I say about buying less things this year? Oops. What precipitated this sudden desire, however, was a combination of things. In my previous post I mentioned a Tarte eyeshadow I bought but didn’t end up liking, but I ended up fixating buying copper eyeshadow, which I don’t really own, despite the myriad neutral colours in my collection. At the time, MAC was also having a bit of a sale, 25% off the entire store for joining their Select program – so really the stars were aligned.

The main colour I meant to have was Amber Lights (3rd from left swatch), which is a lovely warm copper shade that is quite popular ’round the interwebs. It’s metallic and because it’s a bit darker than my skin tone and I’m boring, I like to feather this on the outside of my eyelid on top of a gold. At this point, I decided I was going to make a quad that didn’t actually need to be cohesive as a foursome but just get colours I was either missing from my collection, or I plain liked. Naked Lunch (first swatch), the palest of the four, is really great as an inner corner/browbone highlight or even lightly swept all over the lid. And Expensive Pink (2nd from left) is definitely the most unique shade I have – a straight up salmon colour with gold sparkle, so it can look different under different lighting. To complete the quad I went with Woodwinked, which is another popular shade, for good reason. I can mash some of this into my crease, or use it all over the lid.

All four are metallic and neutral for the most part, and I’m enjoying the way they apply and wear. Definitely not the softest or most buttery eyeshadows I’ve tried, but they’re solid for only $8 each, plus with a discount and gift card, I’m not in a position to complain. I’m looking forward to adding more MAC eyeshadows to my stash.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows and have you tried any of these four?


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