2016 Favourites: Skincare

Skincare is something that will be my most researched and intensely-loved category of cosmetics – it’s my original obsession and where I consistently sink the most money on that unending quest for perfect skin. Last year’s favourites are still loves but I found a few new things this year that really changed my skin for the better.

The first is something I’ve gone through multiple bottles of (..three, I believe), and will repurchase when my current daytime serum runs out. That is the Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment. Something about this stuff just works. It’s not a miracle product, nor does it do anything on really large, cystic acne, but it just helps with the overall appearance and clarity of my skin, and it sits really beautifully under makeup. As an added bonus, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – I will be forever repurchasing this stuff until they stop making it (hopefully that’s never). Another treatment that has just been great is the Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, which is aimed at clarifying and detoxifying the skin. I add a drop or two to my nighttime moisturizer every night and it really helps to make my skin both plumper and brighter. This is a pricey little bottle, but it’ll probably last me forever!

Two face masks I’ve been loving are the Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask, which gets rid of dead skin and clarifies, and the GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser. I know the latter is not actually supposed to be used as a mask, but I use it as a low-budget version of the mask, and it works great – it clarifies and gets rid of the gunk in pores while also leaving the skin soft and smooth. To remove makeup, I’ve been loving the Sephora Collection Supreme Cleansing Oil – it’s just the best and not a bad price point at all.

For something a bit more on the random side, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the Ombra Spa Deo Roll-On, which might be TMI but everyone needs deodorant, right? This stuff is aluminum free and smells quite nice without being overpowering. I do prefer the Mild over the Sport version, by the way. And lastly, the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lip Butters are fantastic. This is a natural, Canadian brand that I think is only available in stores in Alberta, but one can order online from all over the place. The one pictured above is a limited edition Vanilla Candy Cane flavour but I have tried a few other ones and they’re all great for keeping the lips nice and hydrated.

What have your favourite skincare products of 2016 been and what would you recommend?


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