Hopping onto the Colourpop Train

ColourPop…probably one of the biggest breakout brands in the last couple years – the name has been on everyone’s lips and the products on everyone’s faces. I finally jumped on the bandwagon around Christmas – I had browsed the site about a million times but never bitten the bullet. Around the holidays, however, there was a discount on some of the products due to KathleenLights and her work with the brand. So I figured, why not? I placed and order and started playing a bit with these products.

The first thing I noticed is that the texture is WEIRD. I have absolutely no idea how to describe it – if you haven’t tried any of the Super Shock eye/cheek products, I’d recommend you stick your finger into one if you can. It’s like a gel/cream/powder all in one. I picked up the Super Shock shadows in the shades: Glow (matte cream), Cornelious (matte medium warm brown), KathleenLights (metallic copper), Blaze (metallic bronze), La La (metallic pinky-copper),  and Cheap Date (metallic gold). I took me a little while to figure out how to use these – but I think I’ve sort of figured it out. Fingers are definitely best. There’s no getting around that – dipping a brush into the pots doesn’t really pick up much product. I’ve tried with several brushes and the colour payoff is pretty pathetic. What I’ve been doing is dipping my finger into the colour, placing it roughly where I want it, and then using my blending brush to soften the edges. The easiest look for me is to use Glow all over the lid and then stick a bit of Cornelious into the crease. But La La and KathleenLights are beautiful all over the lid as well. Cheap Date came shattered, but it still works, so I haven’t really had any complaints there – only that the colour itself is extremely metallic and more difficult to wear.

Another product I picked up is the Super Shock Cheek bronzer in the shade Paradise Cove, which I can’t seem to find on the website anymore (discontinued?). Either way, it’s a lovely mid-toned brown with very tiny shimmer, which is new to me. I’ve never owned 1) a cream bronzer or, 2) a metallic bronzer. This will be very pretty in the summer. I use the same method – dip my fingers in the pot, paint it all around the perimeter of my face, take my brush and blend it all in.

I will say that despite my initial annoyance with the inability to stick a brush into the products, they blend out beautifully and build pigment really nicely as well. I’d like to try more of their products and especially their new pressed powder shadows eventually.

The Creme Gel Liners from ColourPop have received a lot of good press as well, so I couldn’t resist trying a couple, despite the consistent inability for me to wear pencil-type eyeliners. I picked up two shades – Over Board (shimmery bronze) and Dirty Talk (shimmery gold). Both are too light for me to really use on my upper lash line, and they tend to dissolve in my waterline (as all liners seem to..). The one thing I’ve really been enjoying doing is to smudge a bit of Over Board into the outer half of my lower lash line just below my waterline, and then Dirty Talk in the inner half. They blend really well together and last all day like that with no smudging.

All in all I am really enjoying (and still experimenting with) ColourPop products and I can see how people get addicted to collecting them! What ColourPop products have you tried and what would you recommend?