Goodies from Tarte

Ahh, the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. Has there ever been so much hype surrounding a beauty product? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of such a unanimously adored concealer as this – not even the NARS or Urban Decay offerings from the past few years have ever gotten so much universal love. And you know what, after trying all three of them, I can totally see why. Of course people have different skin types and requirements, so for me, I found the NARS colour selection to be off for my skin, not to mention far too cakey for under the eyes, and the Urban Decay one oxidized way too much (just like all UD face products I’ve tried).

The Shape Tape is the pretty much the perfect concealer – it’s lightweight, easily blendable, and has the fullest coverage of any concealer I’ve ever tried. It works for under the eyes and isn’t too radiant for covering blemishes. The packaging is quite interesting, the tube is much bigger than other concealers, and the doe foot applicator is positively giant. A tiny bit of this stuff goes a LONG way, it’s actually insane. I picked up the shades Light Sand (yellow undertone) and Light Neutral, which as you can see in the swatches, are actually quite different, Light Neutral being much darker than Light Sand. To get the perfect shade for me I do have to mix them a bit but that is fine. I still haven’t gotten much sun this year so in the summer I’ll definitely have to buy a darker shade, but for now the two I picked up are working great.

While I was ordering, I decided to also try out one of the new Color Splash Lipsticks, which I’ve heard good things about it. Because the formula is more hydrating, I decided to go with a nude, so I picked the shade Sunkissed, which is described as a ‘pink peach’ but I would really describe more peach and quite a bit warmer than a pink. It goes on smoothly and looks great with a gloss on top. I think I’ll get a lot of wear with this one throughout the year.

Have you tried the Shape Tape Concealer and what do you think? What other Tarte products would you recommend?


4 thoughts on “Goodies from Tarte

  1. I really LIKE the Shape Tape concealer! Currently I have NARS Radiant Cream, Shape Tape, and Cle de Peau in rotation. All concealers I am in love with for different reasons. All incredible products. I don’t use a lot from Tarte. I did use their sunscreen today which I got in a GlossyBox and was impressed with it. It felt good and contains safe ingredients. I do buy their eyeshadow palettes as well and have never been disappointed with their shadows. The only thing I haven’t liked was a shade of highlighter I got and that was just me.. it was a gorgeous product and smelled wonderful but it was an ashy tone for my skin.

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    • Oo I’ve tried a sample of their sunscreen too – currently using the La Roche Posay one but would buy the Tarte one. Strangely enough I’ve only really ever tried Tarte foundations and struggled hugely with the shade range. Shape Tape has kind of taken over for now though – I’d love to try the Cle de Peau someday..!

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