Lemony Sweet Scents

Perfume isn’t really my thing. There’s something about the stuff that generally goes the wrong way up my nose and makes me sneeze like nobody’s business. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the spray part of perfume; whatever it is that spray bottles use to disperse the scent might be part of the problem (hence my tendency to go for rollerballs), but all I know is that perfume has never really agreed with me. Even the scents of typical perfumes have not ever been appealing to me.

But I still like to smell nice. While I am not a fan of perfume-y type smells, I quite enjoy scents that smell like things in life, mostly of the edible variety (count me out when it comes to the majority of floral scents). My favourite type of scent has to be lemon, or some other citrus fruit, since the tanginess seems to offset anything overly sweet. Here are a few that I have on rotation at present:

The Philosophy line of scents have been some of my favourites and actually form my first foray into the world of perfume. I have enjoyed both the Unconditional Love and Love Sweet Love scents, especially the latter since it smells like sweet grapefruits. I’m now getting down to the last few drops of my Loveswept rollerball, which is citrusy and sweet at the same time, without being overpowering. According to Sephora, it is scented with bergamot, which is where it gets its tartness from. Love this and would repurchase.

In the colder months I do tend to go for the line of ridiculously decadent Laura Mercier body creams, which all smell like baked goods (remember, I like edible scents). Her Tarte au Citron scent is to die for. I am fortunate enough to have both the full size and mini travel size of the scent, which smell of lemon, but are also rich, sugary and creamy. I can’t explain it – the best way is to find your way to a Laura Mercier counter and stick your nose in the stuff. You won’t regret it – it’s amazing. I expect the full sized jar will last me a good while, as it should, it’s bloody expensive. But when I do finally run out, you can bet I’ll be saving up my pennies to get another one!

The newest sweet citrus scent to my collection is the very popular Sugar scent from Fresh. I found it difficult to choose between the varieties of scents Fresh has, but in the end I settled on the original Sugar scent. Anyone who has tried Fresh’s lip products will know this tart but sweet smell. It’s definitely the most tart of the bunch I own, but as its name suggests, it is balanced by the sugar in the formula. It’s incredible and I would also love to get some of the other bath & body products in the line, if only I could justify spending that much money on them.

What are your favourite scents, and what would you recommend?