A Few Things From Beautylish…

I’ve really been on a buying spree recently…………. I guess the effects of the whole no-buy last year hit me hard! Anyway, I thought I’d share a few things I picked up from Beautylish.com, which is one of my favourite online places to shop – they have good variety and carry brands that aren’t at Sephora. They also ship to Canada for free if one spends over $35, so it’s kind of great. Packages always come really quickly and nicely wrapped too, so I highly recommend ordering from there!

Jouer is a brand that isn’t really available in Canada, not that I’ve found, anyway, so I picked up two things from them – the Anti-Blemish Matte Primer, which I’ve heard good things about, and the Essential Lip Enhancer. Neither of these are overly exciting, but they’re solid products. The primer has a lovely lotion-y texture that sinks into the skin quite nicely, unlike those thick silicone primers that I hate. I haven’t used it long enough to tell whether it makes a difference with breakouts, but it does feel nice and keep me matte a bit longer than usual. The lip balm is meant to be a plumper – I don’t think it does much, nor is that something I’m looking for, but it is really soothing to put on dry, cracked lips. I really enjoy it and would repurchase.

Something else I’ve really been dying to try is the entire line from Charlotte Tilbury, but especially the cream eyeshadows. You know I have a slight problem when it comes to brown eyeshadows in cream form, so of course I had to grab one of the Eyes to Mesmerise in the shade Bette, which is an amazingly metallic golden brown. The texture is very light – kind of whipped, and the shadow goes on quite sheer, which is nice, because it can be built up but also used as a light wash of colour for everyday. It doesn’t crease on me and it lasts all day – I can see myself picking up other shades in the future…

The two makeup items I actually bought I’ve been a bit on the fence about because I’m just not sure what to make of them. The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in the shade Light is sort of a repurchase for me – I tried the a mini before but the colour was wrong. Light actually suits me perfectly right now. I wanted to get something with SPF for the summer but I find that this is too oily on me after a couple hours, regardless of how I prime/set. It’s a shame, but I will definitely continue to use this up. I also grabbed a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Masochist, which is a deep fuchsia colour. I’m not a huge liquid lipstick user, but I was really curious to try the brand, despite all the online controversy, and I do like it – the texture is really nice, and it doesn’t dry out my lips the way other liquid lips do. But the applicator is huge and I find it a bit difficult to apply with precision. It also doesn’t dry down completely.

All in all I’m quite pleased with my haul and will continue to purchase from beautylish.com. What have you tried from there and what would you recommend?


IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50

I have to admit, I’m not immune to hype. And one product that has really made the hype-rounds recently is the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50 – there are myriad benefits and claims. Sun protection, non-heavy coverage, a natural finish, etc. It Cosmetics is an American brand that right now is very difficult to get a hold of in Canada. You can pretty much only buy it online, for a cool $38 USD. Any Canadian right now is feeling the pinch of the exchange rate (that price converts to $50 CAD today) so I was definitely holding off on buying it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be able to swatch it, so I wasn’t sure which shade to go for.

When Beautylish.com sent out an email inquiring if I would like to receive a deluxe sample of the stuff for free, I thought, hell, why not? Even better if I get the chance to trial it instead of buying the full-sized product and hating it. I decided on the shade Medium, since I had just gotten quite the tan, and a few days later, this cute 0.135 oz tube arrived in the mail, complete with a box and fancy black pouch. I’ve been trialling it on and off, mostly on the weekends when I have the freedom to try new things without worrying if my face will melt off halfway through the workday. I’ve applied it with my fingers, with a buffing brush, and most recently, with a beautyblender, and I’ve used a variety of primers underneath.

My thoughts? Overall, I think it’s alright. Coverage is quite good for a “CC Cream” and the colour blends quite nicely into the skin. It also smells fantastic, like lemons. However, I did find that I didn’t like the way it looked with a brush or fingers, as the texture of it didn’t ever seem to mesh with my skin properly. It also felt tacky throughout the day, even after powdering, and with the discovery of the L’Oreal Infallible foundation, nothing else seems to live up to it, especially given the high price tag on this one. Also, with my oily skin, I definitely felt greasy throughout the day and had to blot. The beautyblender gives the best application by far, for me, since it stops it from feeling sticky. Since the shade match is quite good for my skin right now, it really does help to blend well both colour-wise and texture-wise. Would I splash out for the full-sized product? No. I’ll continue to use and play with the product until it’s finished, but for me there are other things on the market that are better. This might be somewhat of a negative review, but to be completely honest I don’t think that for my particular skin type there are any special benefits to it other than the superb colour match.

I’m definitely interested in trying more from IT Cosmetics, but not sure what I’d like to try yet.

Have you tried this product and what did you think? What would you recommend from the line?